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So many surf brands, but no decent surf bikinis! How can so many mainstream surf brands NOT make any decent active swimwear that works for surfing? URGH! Talking to women in the surf and knowing what I want from my surf bikini, I’ve narrowed down the best surf bikini brands and active swimwear to save you the time, money and Google searches.


With any surf bikinis or active swimwear, the function is so much more important than what it looks like but there are some great bikini brands marrying both style and functionality. Many are using recycled, sustainable fabrics also and have a great policy of promoting and supporting up-and-coming female surfers.


Stephanie Gilmore getting barrelled

Image of the queen, Stpeh Gilmore. Courtesy of Roxy


So here you go. From me to you. Surf bikinis and active swimwear that we have tried, tested and recommend. There are some discount codes for you too. You’re welcome x


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Surf bikini discount codes


Here are the surf bikinis I love and recommend:


Sensi Graves Bikinis

Designed by the professional kiteboarder Sensi Graves alongside her team of female water athletes. These bikinis are made specifically for women who are active in the water. They have a great range of cross-back bikinis and crop-top styles. Made in America.

I’m over the moon to be on their athlete team and have designed my own triple-cross back surf bikini with them called “THE ALEXA” – check it out!


Use STILLSTOKED for 10% off Sensi Graves Bikinis

Sensi Graves Bikinis - Sensi ripping on her kiteboard

Sensi Graves ripping in a bikini from her range – so many amazing active bikinis to choose from.



THE ALEXA Surf Bikini – Part of the Sensi Graves Bikini range!


Use STILLSTOKED for 10% off for THE ALEXA or any Sensi Bikini



Cenote Swimwear

A selection of surf bikinis using recycled lycra, amongst regular bikinis. Designed in Western Australia, made in Bali using regenerated nylon, UV50+, ultra-chlorine fabrics. Adjustable cross back bikinis, thick straps, stunning prints and amazing bottoms: high cut boy-shorts or Brasilian cut, all with a hidden drawstring. I love the cut of their bikini bottoms.


Use STILLSTOKED for 15% off Cenote Swimwear

Surfing bikinis

My Cenote Swimwear bikini is one of my favourite surfing bikinis – use code stillstoked & get 15% off.


Roxy Pop Surf

Roxy has really upped their game in the surf bikini department with their POP surf collection. Neoprene and regular surf bikinis, one-pieces, surf-leggings and strange hooded top things that are street meet surf! Check them out – POP Surf – usually loads of discounts/offers on their web page.


Surf Worthy

I surfed solid waves in this bikini and it stayed put the whole time. I fell in love!

All Surf Worthy bikinis are handmade in Bali. They are a crop top style with a comfortable high crossback. The prints are stunning artist collaborations of ocean-inspired designs. The bottoms are all cute little boy shorts with a hidden draw-strong.

All Surf Worthy bikinis are made out of sustainable fabrics, regenerated from discarded fishing nets. They also donate 10% profits to conserve Indo’s reefs. Buying from this brand allows you to use your purchase for positive change in the world.


Use STOKEDFORSURFWORTHY for 10% off Eco-Warrior collection

Surf Worthy surf bikini - for surfer girls that rip!

Loving my Surf Worthy – it’s solid in big surf!



OY Surf Apparel

OY Surf is an active swimwear brand based out of Switzerland and Bali. They have fixed cross-backs, triple cross back bikinis and three different styles of draw-string bikini bottoms to choose from. Incredible quality fabrics, really cool prints and long sleeve surf suits and surf leggings that are high on my wish list.

They also sponsor a fair few women free-surfers include Mathilde Hamde that I met when surfing El Salvador.


Use stillstoked15 for 15% off OY Surf

Oy Surf surf bikini

Photo from OY Surf 2018 Look Book


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Glide Soul

A funky active swimwear brand made from neoprene with funky prints and vibrant colours. I really like a neoprene bikini in the winter to wear under my wetsuit for extra warmth. They do the COOLEST wetsuits for a great price.


Use STILLSTOKED2018 for 10%

Glide Soul bikini review for surfing by Alexa Hohenberg Still Stoked


Rip Curl Mirage Bikinis

Probably the best surf bikini made by a mainstream surf brand. The Mirage range is their surf bikini specific selection. Great shoulder straps, racer backs and solid coverage. As it is a low triangle style rather than a high crop, you can fall out of it in bigger surf. It’s great for girls with a moderate size chest.


Salt Gypsy

The ultimate indie surfer girl brand. Super stylish and functional surf bikinis, surf leggings and rashies. Salt Gypsy uses sustainable fabrics and ethical production (they’re the real deal). I feel like a bad-ass surf chick in their muscle tee and the Winki surf top is unreal. Great active surfwear for more coverage.


Use Stillstoked10 for 10% off Saly Gypsy

surf bikinis by Salt Gypsy

Salt Gypsy turtle neck rash guard and high waist bottoms


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KOKOH Bikini

Crop top style bikinis with sexy cross back and detailed straps. Awesome water-colour, photo, or nature-inspired prints and good quality high cut, hip-skimming bottoms. If their bottoms had a draw-string they would be perfect for surfing, but I absolutely LOVE the cheeky cut! Great for small waves.


Use SOSTOKED for 15% off orders over $100

KOKOH Bikini - stunning bikini prints

KOKOH Bikini – some of the most stunning prints on the market



Jolyn Bikini

Jolyn Bikini has a great range of simple cross-back bikinis and bottoms of varying coverage, all with draw-strings. They even have an active swimwear range for volleyball players! We put a Jolyn Bikini to the test in big waves in Bali and it did just fine.


Jolyn active swimwear and surf bikinis


Costa Surf Bikinis

The most comfortable and flattering bikini bottom tested to date.  Great prints but when I tested the Del Sol range, the straps were too thin and the stitching came undone so the bikini didn’t last. Since my review, they have made the straps thicker and more durable. The price point is really, really good.


Costa bikini surf bikini review by Still Stoked




Other surf bikinis / active swimwear not yet tested:


ZEALOUS Bikinis 

Another great surf bikini and active swimwear brand out of Germany. Zealous have some great fixed back, crop-top style bikinis and do some cool collaborations with artists. I met them in Bali and did an interview with them on how they started the awesome surfer girl brand. Super cool girls!


Use stillstokedxzealous for 10% off Zealous Clothing

Surfer Girls on a boat trip in Zealous Bikinis

The stunning blue print collection created in collaboration with artist Lerke Nennemann



Mi Ola

Check out their reversible wrap bikini top.



Mona Swimwear

Made from Mona Seatex™ Fabric that is 100% regenerated, and derived from post-consumer waste reclaimed from the ocean and other environmental sources. This includes abandoned fishing nets and discarded plastics. Their prints are divine!



The Seea

Great selection of surf suits and bikinis that offer more coverage in beautiful contrasting prints and textures. Very classy. Their surf suits may be the best on the market. I’m dying to try one! Always admire girls wearing these in the surf!



Dkoko Surf Bikinis

A great selection of full coverage, crop and cross-back surfing bikinis. Made in Costa Rica. Their tie-bottom bikini bottoms look solid.



DKOKO surf bikinis



Body Glove

Great quality surf bikinis with good coverage – pro surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb rips in them!



Josea Surfwear

Another cool surf brand from Germany (seriously, how can an oceanless country have so many good surf bikini brands?). I want so many of these crop top bikinis!



I’m constantly reviewing surf bikinis and adding to this list so be sure to keep returning or check out the review section for more details on a specific brand.


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What do YOU want in a surf bikini?

Do you know if any brands that I should review and include in this list?

If so, tell me in the comments below (or if you’re a brand email me through the contact page. Let’s make this list the one-stop-shop for the best surf bikinis around!


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  • imsy swimwear has a couple good tops. I have an Ivy top and a margot top. The ivy top stayed put in double overhead with no issues at all. Margot top is okay for smaller surf..They run small so order a size up. I don’t know how it would work for bustier girls but I honestly think it would keep everything in place but with bigger breasts you might wanna order 2 sizes up instead of one (when I said they run small I meant really small). The bottoms though weren’t as good, once they stretch it’s game over…I’m over it, I’m gonna design my bikini brand made FOR SURFING..stay tuned!

    • Thanks Edith. I’ll check them out. Also thanks for the heads up that they run small. I’m here in Bali at the moment and so inspired to also start my own bikini brand for surfing! Good luck with it and definitely get in touch when you have it ready to show the world! We’d love to feature it on Still Stoked. #HIGH5

  • cooool, I am always more than greatful to find new brands…you wouldn’t believe how much practicability is traded off for “style” often…sad. Like really, in an average bikini you can’t even jump into the water nad expect that it stays.
    I have some new suggestions:
    – I REALLY miss (yes, another german!), so well designed and great material
    – and really, we do have a coastline!! (the baltic and the north sea). and we are anyways home everywhere in the world;-)
    – I also really love my CURMS bikini
    – monique rotteveel
    – drika margerita
    – vivida lifestyle (these latter two don’t sell a size L top so I haven’t tested them)

  • I’m new to surfing and water sports in general. I thought Jolyn was a pretty big deal in the surf community, but I guess not?

  • i agree, midori has been my go too for about 2 years now! i love them! most of their tops were adjustable in some way and very cute!! the bottoms do tend to roll down as i duck dive, but not a total deal breaker yet!
    although, i am not too psyched about the new styles this year; i am hoping for the best or i will be looking for another company to try out soon.

    • They look good, maybe better for small chests or small waves though, as they don’t have many cross back or thick strap options. I’ll try to test them and write a review. Thanks for the heads up Fraulina.

      • they are kinda slackin this year for us larger busted girls. there is only one top the Koah, that is adjustable. I live on the gulf side of FLA , so the only waves we get are when the conditions are just right. I mostly aqua foo/ swim in mine. i have ordered a kini from Kokoh and a top from Dkoko!!

  • I own four pairs of dkoko sexy surf bottoms and they are great. The fit is very small be careful. I’m usually a size xs but their size small fits perfect. Those bottoms stay put even in big surf, they look good and cover what needs to be covered!!…it’s nice focusing on surfing and the waves instead of always adjusting your bottoms! I also tried the pavones top but I wasn’t too impressed. (I’m a A cup) Rip curl love and surf cross back bikini is my fave and I have it in 4 colors also. Wish I could shop off the Australian Rip Curl website though cuz there’s more tops that look like they would work than on the US website :/

    • Great feedback Punky, thank you! I’ve been trying to get in touch with Dkoko to no avail! YOu could get a VPN (google it), and then shop on the Rip Curl Aus site! Yeah they make a great bikini with the Mirage! <3 x

  • How do you surf in a bikini? Am I the only one whose legs get torn up by the wax on the board? I’m also not trying to show my crotch while surfing and the strip of fabric on these bikinis is like ridiculously narrow…maybe my body is some kind of anomaly? Also, all of the board shorts for women that I’ve seen are either ugly or not stretchy- do you have any recommendations for good board shorts?

    • Hey Lauren, Ahh i hear you on the bikini bottoms! The trick is to get them in a small, tight size and make sure they are double lined (or two layers of fabric) as that will help it to stay put, especially in the crotch. The best board short I have ever come across, hands down is the Hurley Phantom short (most men swear by it too). The women’s short is a great cut and the fabric stretches multiple directions. Quick dry and super light-weight too. On wax, make sure it is clean. If you get sand and dirt mixed up in there it’s gonna be like sandpaper on your skin so scrape it off and put fresh wax on. Let me know how you get on! Alexa x

      • ah yeah, keeping wax clean sounds like something I wouldnt be able to do, constantly loading like three boards in my honda civic coupe :)

        I guess I also don’t like being so exposed surfing in a bikini- have had some good ones from Calavera and Seea but your butt is still kinda out, well mine is at least, it kinda just sticks out.
        Agree on the phantoms, I have a pair, but the keep loop broke my first surf and also the colors available aren’t really my style. I think I might get a sewing machine and see what I can come up with to surf in. Leggings are ok but kinda hard to get on and off. Have a good Roxy pair with a drawstring waist. You also need to wear bikini bottoms underneath them bc they are kinda see through….the search continues

        • I feel your frustration! I have thought about making my own bikinis so many times. I have big boobs and they either pop out or I get red-raw from tying them up so tight that the cup stretches under my arm and cuts me…. the search indeed does continue! I have been surfing in one-pieces with long arms here in El Salvador, so far this I have found to be the safest!

          • that sounds so rough! Agree that long sleeve swimsuits are great for coverage and sun protection! a bunch of brands have them, I am kind of obsessed with the Seea stuff

  • Thanks so much for writing this article… I’ve ordered a few bikinis from the brands mentioned. It’s so frustrating that we can’t find a surf bikini from any of the mainstream surfing brands. You’d think Roxy would make a good one – URGHHHHH!

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