Billabong surf capsule brings colour and cool prints to the surf.


Colour is cutting through!

Recently some of my guy surfer friends have commented on how cool women’s wetsuits have recently become. They loved the funkiness of the colours, the variety of suits we wear and of course the sexy high-cut bottom hasn’t gone unnoticed. Without saying so directly, I think they were a little jealous!


You don’t have to be a pro surfer to wear colour in the surf. Women’s wetsuits have been pushing the colour boundaries for sometime (see what O’Neill have been doing with their Bahia spring wetsuit range – it’s HOT!). Unlike the men who (in Australia) aren’t too fond of being the most colourful in the surf unless they seriously rip, us girls can get away with being as colourful and cheeky as we like. Oh yeah!

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Billabong surf capsule rocks!

The new Billabong surf capsule is HOT! Like super-dupa hot. I’m pretty sure I’ll be a better surfer by just owning one! Like last season’s Billabong surf capsule, they have gone with block colours broken up by pattern sections. This year sees a gorgeous new landscape print as well as some Anzac, tribal detailing. The range comes in short and long sleeve zip vests, full leg wetsuits, boy cut wetsuits, crop top jackets and the cheeky bum cut we all love. Most items are 2mm and perfect for spring.


Check out the range on Billabong’s website – these little beauties are sure to brighten your day!

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All Billabong surf capsule images courtesy of Billabong Australia


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