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This month’s clothes crush Gym+Coffee, is all about your active lifestyle


This month’s clothes crush is all about your active lifestyle. From a little Island with sick waves and even sicker castles, meet Gym + Coffee, a cool brand all the way from Ireland!


We all love an outdoor adventure and what’s better than sharing these special moments with friends. Whether you’re a marathon runner, a yoga lover, or simply love taking a walk in the park after a day at work, the Gym+Coffee range is guaranteed to make you feel great while doing the things that you love. And my-oh-my don’t they look comfortable! Reminds we of the spoof video that went viral a few years ago, Activewear. So comfy, we literally spend all our free time rocking our activewear!


Skater girl in comfy clothes


A favourite of body coach Joe Wicks, Gym+Coffee‘s ambition was to design a brand and clothing range that fits with today’s active lifestyle.  They launched with their signature hoodies, and have now also launched a full range of t-shirts, vest tops, leggings, and accessories. Every detail has been carefully crafted, from using breathable fabrics, to including reinforced powernets to ensure your leggings stay put and don’t dig in or slide down while you’re doing your thing!


Gym girl at cafe Stretching outdoors


Not only do the clothes look and feel great, but when you open your wardrobe and pop on your hoodie you’re definitely going to feel the pull of filling the day with adventure… what more can a girl ask for in an outfit?  If you need even more inspiration their Hoodies In The Wild feed is enough to get you itching to get out there!

Instagramable locations Norway

Yoga active wear



Yoga active wear


Ladies… go explore!  Just make sure you don’t forget to take a coffee break or two while you’re at it!


Comfortable clothing in the outdoors Yoga active wear


Shop the range at Gym+Coffee here or follow them on Instagram here.



Shop the full Gym + Coffe range on their website gympluscoffee.com
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