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Chloe Kim is nothing short of a full blown sensation. At just 16, she is the youngest member of the U.S. Snowboard “Pro” team. She won her second-consecutive X Games gold at Aspen 2016 (the first when she was 13!), becoming the second woman to land a 1080 in the halfpipe, then made history again at the Park City Grand Prix, becoming the first woman to land back-to-back 1080s with a perfect 100! She is also sponsored by Toyota who on her 16th birthday gave her a brand new car!


In 2015, she was named Time Magazine’s “30 Most Influential Teens of 2015” and NBC’s Top 10 athletes to watch for the 2018 Winter Games. And to top all of that off, she LOVES fashion!


Chloe Kim snowboarding

Chloe at The US Open
Photo by Peter Cirilli


We are thrilled to do a top 5 gear post with the Toyota athlete and hear what she loves about her favourite items.


#1 Burton Snowboarding Boots

Chloe Kim's fashion top 5

What are they:

The Burton Ritual Snowboard boots are super lightweight. They’re fun and playful but have all of the important features like the low-profile outsole, which helps with board feel and control.


Why I love them:

I love them because they keep my feet warm while I’m snowboarding. They’re great for competing but also warm and snug enough to wear for a low-key practice.


Why I’d recommend them:

I’d recommend them because they’re insanely comfortable and they last a really long time.

Check out the Burton Ritual Snowboard Boot here



#2 Nike Janoskis

Chloe Kim fashion top 5

What are they:

These are one of my go-to shoes and what I reach for all the time, on all kinds of different occasions. They’re a unisex skater shoe with a boardfeel with tons of cushion and a strong grip.


Why I love them:

I love them because they’re not only really cute but they also have amazing cushioning and are extremely durable. They’ve survived everything!


Why I’d recommend them:

These shoes are great at being interchangeable. You can wear them as a street shoe, or as a skateboarding shoe.


Check out Nike Janoskis here



#3 Martin Acoustic Travel Guitar

Chloe Kim top 5 fashion items

What is it:

The Martin Acoustic Travel Guitar is one of the smaller guitars they sell.


Why I love them:

When I’m training, or just have a really busy schedule, playing and learning new songs is so much fun, and it helps me unwind.


Why I’d recommend them:

Being able to relax is so important when it comes to performance. This is perfect for those times you want to take a break from the slopes and jam out with friends and family.


Check out: Martin Guitars here



#4 Burton Wheelie Flyer Travel Bag

Chloe Kim top 5 fashion items

What is it:

A low-profile bag (carry-on or check), ideal for a quick trip when you want to pack light.


Why I love it:

It’s stylish and convenient. It has tons of pockets and all kinds of little compartments, all in easily accessible places.


Why I’d recommend them:

It stands out, so it’s easy to find at a baggage claim if you do decide to check it. But it also meets the size restrictions if you’re using it as a carry-on. It also has really great lockable features that are TSA-approved, so double thumbs up there.


Check out the Burton Wheelie Flyer Travel Bag here



#5 Crobar Snow Goggles by Oakley

Chloe Kim top 5 fashion items

What is it:

A goggle that hugs your face for an amazing fit. It’s extremely versatile and practical but also very stylish.


Why I love them:

These goggles go with absolutely everything. I have a lot of different outerwear and my goggles are so multi-purpose that I don’t have to swap them out unless I really want to. They also fit almost any helmet.


Why I’d recommend them:

You have to have safe eyewear when you’re snowboarding. It’s a major requirement. These goggles are excellent at keeping your eyes protected on the mountain without giving up any optical clarity.


Check out: Crobar Snow goggles here



Thanks Chloe for writing this post for Still Stoked and sharing your fashion top 5!

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