How many iPhones have you gone through? Cracked screens, bashed up corners, broken electronics? They’re expensive items, yet for the last two years I’ve been carrying mine without any case or protection. I’ve broken my iPhone countless times and spent hundreds on repairs and new screens. It’s time to get a phone case and a durable one for all the impact sports I do.


I’ve seen some of my favourite snowboarders like Leanne Pelosi and Geoff Brown taking some great photos on Instagram and tagging them #Hitcase. The Hitcase iPhone case is not only pretty much indestructible when doing all our favourite sports, it comes with two removable lenses including a super wide angle that makes your photos that much better. I was keen to try it out.


Hitcase iphone case



The Hitcase features:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Shock proof
  • Mountable (just like your GoPro)


I got the PRO+ action pack which came with these additional accessories:

  • TrueLUXSuperwide Lens
  • Pocketable ShootR Pole (like a selfie stick)
  • Tripod TiltR Mount (this is great to change the angle of the phone on the tripod)
  • A few StickR Surface Mounts (to stick the mount and case to your helmet, board, car etc)


Hitcase iphone case



What I liked:

  • The case: Really durable and lightweight and it’s easy to add and remove the camera lenses. It has three clip fastenings on alternate sides that keep the phone locked into the soft padded internal section. That extra padding will help keep the phone warm when on the mountain, preserving my battery in the cold temperatures (every time I take my phone out to answer a call or change the music, it dies because of the cold. SO ANNOYING).
  • The lenses: The wide angle lens is just awesome. I’ll definitely be using that when out on my snowboard or in the water. It really transforms your iPhone photography.
  • The mounts: They are all compatible with GoPro mounts so you can mix and match. Anything that your GoPro can attach to, you phone camera can now do the same job.



Things that I picked up on for tweaking or improvement:

  • Touch sensitivity and typing: I had a few issues using my thumbs on the touch screen with long finger nails. The Hitcase has a couple of mms depth from the edge to the screen, which makes it hard to press with long nails. The cover on the screen also dulls the screen’s sensitivity so you have to push slightly harder to type (I’m on an iPhone 5 but I heard that the iPhone 6 sensitivity is much better). This is just something you have to get used to. I imagine it is the same with any phone case that has a cover over the screen (essentially another layer).
  • The size of the case: It was massive and will just take some getting used too. If you want durability you are going to have to add bulk. The Hitcase is a larger phone case then others on the market but it is definitely the most durable.



Hitcase offers solid everyday phone protection or using it when you are playing sports. With such great cameras in the iPhones for video and photography, the Hitcase with the mounts and options of lenses is a great alternative to carrying around another camera or having to buy an action sports specific camera like a GoPro. While I probably won’t be using the selfie stick, i’ll definitely be using those camera lenses! They also do another phone case called the Hitcase Snap which is a lot slimmer while still being shockproof (just not water proof). Worth checking out if the size of the case bothers you, like it did me.

To purchase a Hitcase or any accessories, go to any of the below links:

In Australia: Hitcase

In the US and Canada:

In the UK and some European countries:



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