Like many outside of America, I have always admired Holden Outerwear from afar. For many years, I’ve been a massive fan of the co-founder, pro snowboarder and street snowboarding pioneer Mikey LeBlanc, completely in awe of how he stomps huge street sections to flat, deadly pavements, without blowing out his knees (he’s been doing this for years and still apparently walks fine!). Due to my commitments to different clothing sponsors over the years (for which I am very grateful), I have been unable to sport their wares or test the product. I always thought one of their team riders Laura Hadar was the most stylish shredder, on and off her board.


Holden outerwear - thank you for being you


Founded in 2002, Holden Outerwear is one of the few independent snowboarder-owned brands left. For those of us old enough to remember, there was a time when snowboarding and the brands within it, were developed by snowboarders. Something that appears to have been swallowed up in recent years (sadly along with the decline of participation in our sport). I’m so happy that Holden is still here today and doing so well (expanding to a four seasons brand). They stand for style, design and heroing the use of eco-friendly fabrics in outerwear. They are also partial to the use of the zip, a nod to punk rock that is becoming a thing of the past in snowboarding as we make way for soundtracks of dubstep, electro and other bedroom-made music (ugggggg!).


They just launched the winter 2016 Holden Outerwear range that is eco-friendly, technical, modern, functional, highly durable (utilitarian fabrics found in military uniforms), and ridiculously stylish. The range includes technical jackets, lux puffy down jackets and shell jackets that translate perfectly to the street. In fact, all of the jackets could hold their own out of the town. There are cute little details here and there like zips, buttons, asymmetrical cuts, leather patches, buckles and outward facing labels. The pants are somewhat fitted (no baggy pants in this range), swinging towards the skinny style of snowboarding that has become synonymous with street shredding (I’m definitely still a baggy pants kind of girl but willing to branch out!).


The colours are earthly and designed to match seamlessly to each other. I’m IN LOVE with the electric indigo, a pop of colour alongside the poppy orangey-red, in a range full of navy, grey, denim, mauve and khaki tones. What’s not to love? The new winter 2016 Holden Outerwear range is HOT!


Holden outerwear womens snow jacket 2016 Holden outerwear womens snow technical jacket winter 2016 Holden outerwear womens snow technical jacket winter 2016  Holden outerwear womens technical snow pants winter 2016 Holden outerwear womens technical snow pants winter 2016

Holden outerwear Thank you for being you


Check them out on – you can’t purchase direct from the website but you can find a stockist in the states, online or across a few stores worldwide. Also check out their Instagram, Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter.

All photos courtesy of Holden Outerwear.


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