KOKOH bikini is in LOVE with the OCEAN

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The iridescent blues, the textures, the dancing light, the calm and the storm. All of these inspirations are captured in KOKOH Bikini’s beautiful prints. With a collection named “The Dreaming Trail”, you know it is OK to be a wanderer. To get lost in all your adventures along the way. Ohhh and did we mention all bikinis are reversible? We can’t get enough of these sexy, surf-inspired swimwear from Australia’s East coast.


KOKOH bikini is for women who listen to life’s calling, they embrace the “YOLO” within, let their hair down, and are ahead of the pack. They write their own story, and play by their own rules.


KOKOH bikinis make beautiful surf inspired bikinis for a surfer girl
Photo courtesy of KOKOH bikini



Hey Kendall. Can you tell us a bit about KOKOH Bikini, what was your motivation to set up the brand?

Before KOKOH bikini was KOKOH bikini, it was just a huge dream. I used to work as a Surf Instructor down here on the South Coast through through the Summer, and travel to warmer climates in the Winter and surf as much as I could – I was in a bikini always! I have a bit of a flat backside, so it was really hard to find cheeky styles here in Australia. I used to sew up the middle of all my saggy bikini bottoms and make them into a ruched Brazilian cut. I would say all the time “I’m going to make bikinis one day” … I am a real dreamer – I want to go everywhere and do everything, but the bikini dream was one that just stuck! I knew for sure I would do it someday!



KOKOH bikini has a unique look and feel across the range. Can you tell us about the prints and colours you use?

My most popular collection is “The Dreaming Trail”. The prints are scaley like a Mermaid. I have had this idea in my head forever (seriously! I found a sketch book from 2009 and there is a drawing of a fish scale bikini!) … The Dreaming Trail is an actual Aboriginal Track through National Park down here on the South Coast where I grew up and the collection was hugely influenced by my adolescent years here. My girlfriends and I used to spend every ounce of daylight on the beach – we were like fish. As soon as the sun was up, we were out in the water, we were always laughing – nothing really mattered to us. That’s what I wanted to encapsulate into the collection, those beautiful friendships and memories.

KOKOH bikinis make beautiful surf inspired bikinis for a surfer girl
Photo courtesy of KOKOH Bikini



What makes your bikinis so good for surfer girls?

Obviously being a surfer myself, the ocean and surf culture is my muse! I do try to add in a surf style bikini into collections, however I try not to cater only to women who surf (bandeau bikinis have been a top seller!). I have surfed for a long time now, all over the world – so I know what works – I aim to create functional bikinis, flattering cuts for ocean lovers… surfers, or beach frothers!



What was your biggest challenge setting up KOKOH bikini and getting product and the brand name out there?

There was so much here to consider! Firstly, having a good relationship with my manufacturers is a HUGE priority for me. I have run into disasters, and the whole set up process has been a big learning curve. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it right? As far as getting the product out there – I 100% believe in KOKOH bikini. Knowing that the product is high quality and ensuring that my customers are happy – word of mouth goes a long long way!



What would you say is your best marketing tool?

I have done a LOT of research on this! KNOWING my market is the best tool I have. Knowledge is power!



Have you any advice for any girls wanting to make their own bikini or set up a bikini brand?

If you want it enough, you will make it happen. Its hard to give advice – I feel like I am still learning, and I probably always will be! There are labels who I look up to and compare myself to, and I will someday dream to be in their shoes – I guess just aim for the stars, dream big and work HARD! If you asked me this question a year ago – I would not have ever thought I’d be where I am!

KOKOH bikini make beautiful surf inspired bikinis for a surfer girl
Photo courtesy of KOKOH Bikini



What’s next for KOKOH bikini any big plans on the horizon?

YES! I am launching Aussie Summer at the end of next month! New prints and styles! Next year is also a BIG year in the way of surf and travel! Me and my husband are planning a lengthy Island getaway – so be prepared to see KOKOH HQ go Island style!



Check out KOKOH bikini and shop their stunning reversible and surf-safe swimwear here

Bikinis top and bottoms sold separately so you can mix and match – RRP around $72 AUS per piece.

KOKOH bikini make beautiful surf inspired bikinis for a surfer girl
Photo courtesy of KOKOH Bikini


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  1. Extremely disappointed in the level of professionalism. Ordered a surf suit for my daughter for Christmas and it still hasn’t arrived. Kendall, the owner was extremely rude and accused me of being dishonest and insisted I did receive the package. After spending many hours of my time investigating, I found out that DHL did not deliver it to me, but returned it to the sender. I was required to send screenshots of the tracking information to Kendall before she contacted DHL and ultimately agreed to send a partial refund. She was extremely rude and used phrases like, “If you can’t wrap your head around this”…. in reference to the partial refund that I received. I have been dealing with this since November and have never been spoken to by a business owner in this rude condescending manner before. My advice would be to stay clear of this one.


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