Lands’ End Wetsuit Review


Lands’ End are a stylish fashion chain available from Hong Kong to the US with casual apparel, outerwear & swimsuits for adults & kids. They launched their surf collection offering a selection of neoprene wetsuits, springsuits, surf leggings and rash vests. Aimed at the fashion side of the market, they have produced an eye-catching range of water wear to rival any entry wetsuit of mid-level on the market.


Lands' End surf wetsuit sport range



I tested the women’s long sleeved springsuit priced at around $140 USD.


Why I chose this style?

I think every surfer that transitions from a winter 2/3mm wetsuit to summer in a bikini needs a shorty wetsuit aka the springsuit, like this Lands’ End number. The leg shorts offer you that touch more warmth when the wind is up or the sun hasn’t quite got its hat on. Having a good springsuit to call on when you need it, is often the difference between going surfing or staying on the couch.


Lands' End surf wetsuit sport range



What I loved


The thickness

The 1.5mm springsuit is the perfect mix of thickness, comfort and flexibility. A 1mm would be too close to a rashie and a 2mm would be too thick. This neoprene thickness is ideal for a long-sleeved spring suit. The perfect balance between warmth and range of movement.



The colours

You pull this little number out and you are stuck on the beach fending off compliments about how awesome it is. This happened to me every time I wore the Lands’ End longsleeved wetsuit! I figure I’d rather my friends find me in the line up because I’m wearing something distinctive then spend my surf alone because I’m lost in the sea of boring black neoprene. Colour is where its at, and these pinks, orange, white and black work a treat.


Lands' End surf wetsuit sport range



The paneling

With a spring wetsuit, you can get away with maximizing seams in design that you are otherwise trying to reduce in a winter wetsuit (water leaks through the seams, zip etc). Lands’ End have done a great design job of incorporating the seams into the design of the wetsuit to give a very flattering silhouette. The seams follow the contours of the body and allow for increased movement in the wetsuit.


Lands' End surf wetsuit sport range



The double Velcro on the neck

This is a really secure top fastening. So good to have the vertical and the horizontal Velcro fastening as the vecro is always one of the first things to go with repeat wear.


Lands' End surf wetsuit sport range



What they could do better


The cut

While I loved the length of the boy short, the leg holes were a little tight on my upper-thigh. The sleeves were a good length but were very wide at the wrist to elbow meaning water snuck up there when paddling (see above image). The shoulders were also a bit wide allowing unnecessary fabric movement under arm when paddling with translated to friction under arm on longer surfs (see below image).


Lands' End surf wetsuit sport range



The location of the under arm seams

While the Lands End long sleeve spring suit is made with flat lock seams that will reduce chaffing, the springsuit does not pretend to be, nor does the price reflect, a top performance spring suit (think expensive glued, tapered seams that do not allow any water to come in). The seam placement under arm is not ideal for long duration surfs as it will start to rub will repeat, repetitious movement. Despite the flatlock seam, this placement could be improved.


Lands' End surf wetsuit sport range

Lands' End surf wetsuit sport range



Overall impression of the Lands End longsleeved sprintsuit


This is a great, well priced entry to mid-level springsuit that can be used for any water sport from surfing to kiteboarding to scuba diving in warmer waters. In order to compete for the avid surfer’s attentions though, there needs to be a few design tweaks to ensure function is not lost in the name of fashion.


Lands End also have an honourable sustainability policy at the company from where they source their down for insulated products, to partnerships, to the recycling of their products. Thigreat to see and I would recommend buying from only companies that care about their impact on our planet and the lifecycle of their products.


They make a great range of winter fashion wear that I really loved. Well worth checking out if you are after some comfortable, warm knitwear for the evenings or some great winter shoes.


Warranties on products depends on what country you have purchased from. They offer refunds for products with or without proof of purchase.


Check out the Lands’ End range of surf products


Lands' End surf wetsuit sport range



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