A classic style with a contemporary twist. The new SunGod Sierras feature new colour-accented icon, Pop-Lock™ screwless hinges and the trademark 4K Optics® lenses.


Price: £45 non-polarised lenses or £65 with polarised lenses


SunGod sierra sunglasses



The hotly anticipated latest release of a new sunglass style from SunGod just launched. The SunGod Sierras are softer style, more fashion then obvious action sports enthusiast. But don’t let that deter you. They haven’t lost one bit of function or form that this leading British manufacturer of optics is so known for. In fact, they have made them better with the new screw-less hinge system they’re calling ‘Pop-Lock”.


SunGod sierra sunglasses SunGod sierra sunglasses


The new SunGod Sierras are fully customisable just like the Classic2 ar Revolt sunglass styles – chose the colour of the frame, the lenses and the logo on the arm. They have an adventure-proof, fully flexible frame, that is market leading in durability. They come with a lifetime guarantee. I recommend opting for the polarised lenses which at an additional £20 are an absolute steal.


SunGod sierra sunglasses


SunGod sierra sunglasses


Shop the new SunGod Sierras on their website.


Full Still Stoked review of the new SunGod Sierra sunglasses to come real soon!!


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