If a surf bikini stays on through this, it stays on!

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woman with Broken surfboard in a surf bikini
Broken 8’5″ big wave gun at Puerto Escondido. Wearing the Mona Free Love One Piece in Fushia Night


The sound underwater was defining and the color black as night…

But I didn’t notice either of those things. Neither did I notice when my back slammed into the sand at the ocean floor, nor when I yanked on my leash in an attempt to climb my way to safety only to find very little floatation attached on the other end.

Nope, the only thing in my head in that moment was, “Stay chill, try to enjoy it, this is going to be a long one.” And after a time, I also began to notice how badly I wanted to breath.

The thought immediately proceeding my first breath of air?

“Seriously? I really loved this board!”

But that’s surfing Puerto Escondido for you, the world’s heaviest beach break. For more info, check out or complete surf guide to this area.


I assure you, if the Mona Free Love one piece ($125USD), can hold up in this, it can hold up in anything!

But let me backup, before this very enlivening hold down, I was visiting San Diego when I had the opportunity to chat with Alex about the eco-friendly bikini company Mona which she was representing. After a few minutes nerding out with surf talk we realized it wasn’t the first time we had met. Six years earlier, Alex had given me a surf lesson in a tiny little beach town in Costa Rica. To this day her words still ring in my ears sometimes.

“Never try to enter when the set is coming,” and, “Here comes your wave chica!”

I remember on that trip to Costa Rica being embarrassed because none of my bikini stayed on. How crazy is it that I would run into the same person who taught me to surf, six years later, in order to test drive bikinis that stay on, made by female surfers, for female surfers. Incredible!


The first thing I noticed about the Mona Bikinis was the colors.


girl in wetsuit with pineapple
Vibrant colors in the Mona True Love one piece


The prints are incredible. Vibrant florals and tribal patterns that stand in beautiful contrast with the deep blues and greens of the ocean. When I commented on them Alex told me were “printed” here in the States. Wait, what? Printed? She explained to me that it was actually the most eco-friendly way to make garments and that the process involves a 90% reduction in water. Whoa! Who knew?


Then I started to flip through the hangers, trying to decide on the right cut for my frame. The texture of the fabric leapt out at me.



It was both of a firm at the same time. Totally luscious. I also made mention of this to the Alex. She explained the fabric is made from recycled fishing nets and other discarded ocean plastic. Totally cool that this technology exists and major props to Mona for being so committed to using it. What a bonus that it also makes for amazing textured in the fabric!


By using Seatex Fabric™ Mona will repurpose thousands of pounds of ocean plastic, saving thousands of barrels of crude oil and preventing tons of CO2 emissions.


You can tell this fabric is made to withstand the beating of saltwater and sunlight. The entire suit is double stitched, with stitching inside of the layers of fabric wherever possible. This means no irritating rashes as well. The outer fabric is thick and a bit stiff, (which means no embarrassing “head-lights” showing through the top!) but the lining is soft and incredibly comfortable.


A woman climbs a palm to with a pineapple
A bikini that can hold up to anything!


I was surprised with the adjustable straps at how comfortable they were. I like to wear my bathing suits tight. The Mona Free Love one piece has thin, yet durable straps. I could tell they were well made and sturdy, but as such, I was afraid they might cut into my back. But I had no such issues as they are made with just the right amount of stretch.


one piece bathingsuit
The Back of the Mona Free Love one piece


How to choose your size

As far as sizing goes, I have a large frame, the Bikinis felt tight on me. But I liked that, because I felt much more secure that way. I am tall, 5’9” and I ended up going with the Free-Love one-piece model. This was a bit of a risk since normally one pieces ride up on my long torso. I definitely experienced the same issues with the Mona one piece, but I didn’t mind the extra sun on my buns. Also, the top is low cut. I am a busty woman and noticed I had to tug it down a couple of times so the seam stayed under my bust.

As a woman gifted with a booty, I loved the way the Brisa Bottoms shaped my butt and held everything in place.


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Mona Surf Bikini
Brisa Bottom


My favorite top is definitely the Legend Top ($69USD). It sacrifices no style for security.

Mona Legend Top


The pricing is pretty standard for the industry, with separate pieces from $50-$60, one pieces around $125 and long sleeve one pieces around $150.


Back on the beach here in Mexico

The swim in with my broken board was no less of a challenge than the original hold down as I took three more big set waves on the head. Being received on the shore with hoots and fists thrown into the air helped to dull the pain of breaking a favorite board. But the best part? Coming up with no nip slips or buns out, suns out!


It’s amazing to see this little company making big strides for clean oceans and beaches. Use your money to vote for sustainability, but save a little by using discount code STILLSTOKED to save 10% at checkout. 


Don’t forget we are ruthless about test driving bikinis here at StillStoked. com. We’ve checked out a ton of options for you and we’ve got reviews and discount codes for you on all of them. Definitely check it out before you buy your next surf bikini!


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I am a writer and wanna-be big wave surfer. Surfing is my muse. I write about it and how it’s teaching me to live better. I hold certification as a nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and lifeguard instructor. My story “100 Days in Mexico” of how a solo road trip surfing my way through Mexico changed my life can be found here www.melanielainewilliams.com


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