Sustainability Meets Comfort and Style with the Monique Surf Bikini

So functional and comfortable you will forget your are wearing the Monique surf-kini


A surf bikini has specific requirements above and beyond any normal swimwear. In addition to being cute it must stay on in big surf, it must be comfortable and it must be made ethically and sustainably. Let’s see how the Monique Rotteveel surf bikini held up in these categories as I took it for a test run on the North Shore of Oahu

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An eco-friendly surf bikini that stays on in the waves
Test driving the Monique Pura Vida Top and the Eco Bottoms



Monique Surf and Swimwear is made in Europe in a small family-owned factory. The Eco-Collection is made from 78% recycled PET plastic. (The other 22% of the fabric is what gives it its stretch, this must be new material.) 1% of sales are donated to ocean clean up projects.  CHECK!



I loved the fact that the bikini is reversible. The light blue side looks great against the Hawaiian water. The stitching up the back of the cheeky bottom makes for very cute looking bottom coverage. I loved the phases of the moon print on the top. The contrasting light and dark colors popped against my skin. The interlocking cross straps in the back are beautiful and a great way to show off sculpted surf shoulders.


Monique Rotteveel Swimwear


The Bikini is technically reversible but I have only worn it on the dark colored side. The colors on the blue side didn’t match well between the top and the bottom. The top is sky blue (which I LOVED) but the bottom in the “cactus print” was more of a green. Although you couldn’t see it well, I wished the tag had not been printed directly on the “night sky” side. I felt a little silly wearing it tag side out even though it was technically reversible.  Personally I like a little less coverage on a cheeky bottom but I will say, what I gained in coverage I also gained in comfort because the bikini never once road up my butt. Speaking of comfort…



As I exited the water after my surf, my boyfriend asked me how I liked the new bikini. “Oh shoot, I forgot to notice!” was my response. It was so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it! There was no tugging it out of my butt or down over my boobs. Everything stayed in place. No pinching, bunching or sliding. The top has the perfect amount of coverage. There was no side boob spillage and just enough cleavage to be cute, but not so much I felt I would fall out.


Monique Surfwear
Monique has a beautiful selection of prints that can go directly from yoga to the surf



I’ve used the bikini in a number of situations including overhead surf on Oahu’s North Shore where the waves pack a pretty good punch. The bikini didn’t budge! The drawstring on the side of the bottoms ensures the the bottoms won’t slide down. I got a size large top and bottom. (I’m 5’9′, 160, 36 D). The top felt tight, in the perfect kind of way. Any tighter and it would have been uncomfortable but looser would have made it less functional. I’m normally skeptical about tops that are not adjustable in the back for this reason. I was pleasantly surprised. And because there is no bulky tie in the back it makes it easier to wear under a shirt or to the gym as a sports bra or yoga top. 


Monique Rotteveel Surfwear


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I love this surf bikini so much that it has recently become my go-to each time I’m loading up the car to head to the beach. I highly recommend adding the Monique to your drawer of sustainable, cute, functional, comfortable surf bikinis! 


I am a writer and wanna-be big wave surfer. Surfing is my muse. I write about it and how it’s teaching me to live better. I hold certification as a nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and lifeguard instructor. My story “100 Days in Mexico” of how a solo road trip surfing my way through Mexico changed my life can be found here


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