Sensi Graves Bikinis now made from recycled plastic bottles & fishing nets

Including The Alexa surf bikini designed by Still Stoked owner Alexa! We are beyond stoked!
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Sensi Graves Bikinis is stoked to announce the release of the Spring 2019 Collection, High Vibes. It’s 2019 and that means your swimwear needs to do more than just look good. It also needs to fit super well, be consciously made and enable you to go from laying on the beach to paddling out for the next set just like that. Active women want swimwear that they can move in and the High Vibes Collection continues to deliver on Sensi Bikinis’ promise of chic, stylish surf swimwear for the woman that likes to do shit.


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The Alexa surf bikinis

The Alexa – Designed by Still Stoked for big waves where you need your bikinis to stay put.


The tagline “bikinis for girls who rip” isn’t for nothing. Sensi Graves Bikinis are designed by professional kiteboarder Sensi Graves and tested by her team of ambassadors ranging from scuba divers to kiteboarders to yogis.


Sensi Graves Bikinis for Kiteboarding

For girls that rip. Seriously. All the team rip!


The High Vibes Collection stays true to the fusion of cool-girl fashion and ultimate function that defines Sensi Graves Bikinis. With names such as Align Yourself, Embrace Your Wild and Zen Out, the collection seeks to inspire a waterfall of confidence for the wearer. 2019 is all about spreading good vibes, smiling broadly and living life to the fullest. A bevy of bold, custom prints evoke bohemian vibes and are paired with rich, jewel tones named after high vibe stones such as Emerald and Ruby.


Sensi Graves Bikinis


This collection is meant for loving. And through it we diving deep into self-love and self-discovery. This collection is for road-tripping with friends, laughing, smiling and spreading good vibes, The bold colors will make you want to discover hidden beaches and play uninhibited. Our small bikinis are made for surfing, kiteboarding, sailing, playing and living life to the fullest. We hope we can help you spread High Vibes wherever you go.


Sensi Graves Bikinis


Sensi Graves Bikinis are made in the USA from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed fishing nets. All of our poly bags are certified compostable and we utilize recycled hang tags, labels and packaging. Our bikinis are meant to inspire, build your confidence and make wearing a bikini empowering and enjoyable!


Bikinis for kiteboarding


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