Salt Gypsy surf legging review

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Why do you need surf leggings?


There are three things that force me out of the water: a bad vibe, dehydration or sunburn.

Recently when surfing the many right hand point breaks of El Salvador, I had to limit my surfs due to my shoulders and legs burning. Owning a pair of surf leggings is a way to stay surfing longer. They are also great for chilling in, yoga, or any other activity (I climbed several mountains in mine!). In Peru when it was a bit cold with the wind, the surf leggings were perfect.


Climbing mount Manchu Picchu Peru in my Salt Gypsy surf leggings
Hiking up to 2,430m over Manchu Picchu, Peru


Salt Gypsy surf leggings: What I loved


The thick waist band

It was really comfortable and didn’t move an inch. Literally. Being so thick and secure, it stopped the leggings from being slowly pulled down as I walked or surfed. Anyone that wears leggings or yoga pants knows how annoying it is to always pull them up!


Salt Gypsy surf leggings thick waist band


The Draw string

The thick waist band not tight enough and they are still falling down? There’s a draw string hidden in the back of the waist band so you can tighten them.


Salt Gypsy classic surf leggings with a key pocket


The hidden key or coffee fund pocket!

Inconspicuously hidden at the back of the legging, this little pocket is so useful. I put my key in here, 10 waterproof Aussy dollars for coffee if the surf session was cut short, or when traveling through Peru, I stashed an emergency $20 here.


Trekking in Manchu Picchu Peru in my Salt Gypsy surf leggings


The seam incorporated into the design

The seam directs your eye down the leg of the legging extenuating your curves and making your legs look longer. Stylish in and out of the water.


Salt Gypsy surf legging review


The comfort of the fit

You can see from the seam how these leggings are designed. They are cut to move with you body (so they don’t fall down) and as a result are unbelievably comfortable.


Read full interview with Salt Gypsy owner Danny on starting the brand


The fabric

Lightweight and thin but still offering 50SPF of sun protection. It is also made from 78% recycled materials, mixed with 22% Lycra.



Salt Gypsy surf leggings: Things to improve?


There really isn’t anything you could improve with this legging. The Salt Gypsy gals have really done a great job! I would not use the legging again for a hot yoga class as the fabric doesn’t wick moisture from your skin or allow for optimum breathability. But saying that, they are not pretending to be a yoga pant… but I rock them anyways!


Buy once, buy right

My main out-take from testing the Salt Gypsy surf-legging (not something I would have ever have looked into to be honest), is that by owning a pair of these, there is no need to own any other legging. They will see you to a regular yoga class, the surf, the gym, the couch, a mountain top and even to the office or on a date! Buy one pair of these and save space in your wardrobe and money that you’d otherwise burn on pants for different activities.


Overall impression of Salt Gypsy surf leggings


The attention Salt Gypsy has paid to everything, from using recycled fabrics, to the packaging (minimal and all recycled materials), to the production – made in Australia. You feel good buying these leggings. They may retail a little higher then a pair you’d get at Roxy or Quiksilver but you know they have had less of an environmental impact and have been made with love. Made for surfers by a REAL surf, not by some girl that sometimes surfs or sits in an office designing for ‘surfers’. Danny the owner RIPS and she had pretty much made the perfect legging!


Price: $129 AUD



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– Used code STILLSTOKED10 to get 10% off all Salt Gypsy products


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