SunGod sunglasses review – Classics2

Lifetime warranty & pretty much indestructible

SunGod sunglasses retail for £45 for non-polarised & £60 for polarised lenses. Free shipping over £100 to over 100 countries.


SunGod is a good name. I can relate!

The thing is, I’m a sunglass snob. Spending so much time in the snow and at the beach, I need quality lenses to protect my eyes from burning. Quality lenses used to come with a serious price tag, but things appear to have changed. Finally. These SunGod sunglasses are RAD! Like super RAD! I mean, they have a lifetime warranty! Seriously.


SunGod Classic2 sunglasses


SunGod Sunglasses

Would I buy these? YES!


Classic style, fully customisable

So sunglass snob was invited to review a pair of SunGod Classic2 sunglasses. With a timeless shape similar to the classic Rayban Wayferer or Oakley Frogskins, this new startup out of London , England seemed to have their finger on the pulse style-wise. With over 13,000 customised combinations to choose from, you can fully design your own pair, from the frame, to the lenses or the arms.


There are 13 different matt frame colours and 7 polarised and non-polarised lens options to choose from.


sungod classic2 sunglasses

13,000 different customisation options available.


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A flexible frame you can bend, twist and sit on

The SunGod sunglasses frame is made from a flexible memory plastic, a polymer (TR90) known as “titanium plastic” which helps prevent the frames from breaking. You can literally sit on them, bend them or twist them and they spring back to their normal shape. The hinges on the arms would be the weakest point but SunGod has used a secure steel screw rather than a pin, or ball and socket.


The arms are fixed solidly in place, even when you bend them fully round on themselves. The durability of the frame was the most surprising feature of the sunglasses. They are almost impossible to break, lightweight, solid and instantly flick back to their original shape.


Sungod sunglasses

Fully flexible frames


Sungod sunglasses

You can literally bend the arms back on themselves and they spring right back into shape


Polarised lens = incredible value for money

I opted for the polarised lenses (only another £15), as reduced glare is something I’m always appreciative of in the harsh snow and ocean environments.


The SunGod polarised lenses were crisp, clear and offered a great depth of field. The lenses themselves are made from an infused 2mm polycarbonate core, used for aircraft windscreens and bulletproof glass. They are scratch and shatter-resistant, as durable as they come. They have an anti-reflective inner-lens coating as well to reduce the glare on your eyes… something that will be so valuable when wearing these sunnies in the sun or water.


Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses

Non-polarised (left) vs. polarised (right)


The price

The price-point for the polarised lenses is definitely something to highlight, £60 for a polarised lens is incredible – a £15 upgrade from the normal lens. Definitely worth every penny, especially if you are going to be in harsh solar environments… or don’t like getting wrinkles around your eyes ;-)


Sungod Classic2 sunglass

I went for the polarised grey lens with the tortoiseshell frame.


Lifetime warranty

Recently I’ve started to pay a lot more attention to the warranties companies offer for their product. If you think about it, the warranty is really the company making a statement about how good they think their product is. SunGod back their product 100% offering a lifetime warranty. The SunGod sunglasses are built to last and they have faith in their longevity. Lifetime warranty is bloody AMAZING!


SunGod Classic2 sunglass review


Overall impression

Super lightweight, unbelievably flexible and bendy (you really have to see this in real life to grasp how cool it is!). A classic, timeless style and great quality lenses for all environments. SunGod Classic2 sunglasses are awesome value for money with a price point of only £45 for non-polarised or £65 for polarised. I love how you can customise the glasses to your favourite colours (you can also switch different coloured lenses out), and I love the small detail from the matte frame to the etched SunGod logo in the top left corner of the lens. I really think I’ve found a new sunglass favourite.


See ya Oakleys, there’s a better sunglass on the market at half the price.


SunGod ship to hundreds of countries and can offer next day delivery for UK orders. Free shipping on all orders over £100.

Lifetime guarantee on their sunglasses.

£45 for the non-polarised and £60 for the polarised lenses – incredible value for money!

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Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses

The new SunGod Pacebreakers sunglasses


  • Durability
  • Style
  • Lens quality
  • Value for money
  • Warrenty


Overall these SunGod sunglasses are incredible value for money. So much thought has been put into the product from the bendy plastic, to the antiglare coating on the inside of the lens. Add to that 13,000 customisation options and you have a bad-ass product designed especially for the action sports market.I can’t wait to test their snow goggles.

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