SunGod lifetime warranty = YES!


Recently I’ve started to pay a lot more attention to the warranties that companies offer. If you think about it, the warranty is really the company making a statement about how good they think their product is. SunGod back their sunglasses 100%. The SunGod lifetime warranty means they know their product is built to last!


SunGods are very unique being fully customisable and having a lifetime guarantee against breakage, something no other brands offer.


I hope you a lifetime of adventures in these great sunglasses and goggles!


Not only will they replace your broken sunglasses (subject to warranty terms below), if you sratch you lenses, you don’t have to fork out for a whole new pair of sunnies. You can buy just the lens replacement kits really easy from their website. I grabbed a couple of different coloured lenses for both my Classic2 sunglasses and my Revolts snow goggles to mix up my style and the optic options.


Saying the, the lenses are pretty damn good i.e. hard to scratch! They have a triple scratch resistant coating on them. Visually, they are exceptional – worth paying the £20 upgrade for the polarised lenses!


SunGod sunglass and snow goggle range


Fully customisable sunglasses from SunGod
Everything about SunGod is fully customisable: lenses, frame, the brand icon – you chose the colour


SunGod Classic2

SunGod Renegades

SunGod Pacebreakers

SunGod Revolts


Sungod sunglasses
You can literally bend the arms back on themselves and they spring right back into shape


Sungod sunglasses
Fully flexible frames



What do SunGod say about their lifetime warranty?


What is the SunGod lifetime warranty?


SunGod have built thier reputation on high performance products with unrivalled durability. That’s why your SunGods are covered by the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee.


The SunGod Lifetime Guarantee applies to SunGod Classics², Renegades™, PaceBreakers™ and Revolts™ and covers the product in case of Manufacturer’s Defects and Accidental Breakage. If your Classics², Renegades™, PaceBreakers™ or Revolts™ break (or you break them), we will repair or replace them free of charge. Simple.


SunGod Classic2 sunglasses
Stylish, matte frame, every detail executed with precision.


Does the SunGod Sunglasses Lifetime Guarantee cover lens scratches?


Lens scratches are not covered by the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee. You can purchase replacement lenses direct from the website, under lenses and parts.


SunGod have done everything we can to make the lenses scratch-resistant but unfortunately it’s just not possible to make scratch-proof lenses (yet). For this reason we provide lens care instructions and a microfiber pouch with your SunGods and recommend you keep them safely inside the this pouch whenever you are not wearing them.


SunGod PaceBreakers Sunglasses
So rad your friends will want to borrow them!


3 sunglasses + 1 snow google from SunGod


SunGod Classic2

Sexy surfer girl wearing SunGod Classic2 sunglasses
The frames are fully flexible which helps with thier durability.


SunGod Renegades

SunGod Renegades – one of the three sunglass styles the brand makes at time of writing.


SunGod Pacebreakers

Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses


SunGod Revolts

SunGod Revolts with a low light and a sun lense



I am a major a fan of SunGod lifetime warranty & all of their products. They definitely have their head in the right spot (I interviewed their founder Zoë and have so much respect for their vision and company ethos), and they are making great products.


I hope you a lifetime of adventures in these great sunglasses and goggles!


Shop the full SunGod range of sunglasses and goggles on their website

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