SunGod Sunglasses Review – The Classic style

Are SunGod sunglasses any good? They come with a lifetime warranty & SunGod say they are pretty much indestructible, but what did we think? Stylish, affordable, reliable and hard to break and scratch were just some of the reasons we recommend SunGod Classic sunglasses.


SunGod is a good name.

Spending so much time in the snow and surf, we need quality lenses to protect our eyes from burning. Quality lenses used to come with a serious price tag, but things appear to have changed with a new brand out of the UK that began with an idea and a Kickstarter campaign! Their first sunglass style The Classic2 (they have since launched 3 more sunglass styles and two snow goggles), was modeled on the iconic classic RayBan Wayfarer worn by The Blues Brothers, Bob Dylan, and Kennedy. While RayBan’s Wayfarer does indeed come with some serious pop culture history, SunGod has taken that timeless style and revamped it for the modern adventurer with their Classic sunglass shape. But are the SunGod sunglasses any good? Still Stoked put them to the test.


SunGod Classic2 sunglasses


SunGod Sunglasses Review – The Classic3 style

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Affordable worldwide shipping
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Triple-layer scratch resistant
  • Fully customisable colour options
  • Adventureproof flexible frames
  • Full frame impact protection
  • 100% UV protection with polarised lenses
  • Lightweight at just 28g


Are SunGod sunglasses any good?

We think so! Still Stoked found them to be lightweight, hard to break and difficult to scratch. With hundreds of colour and frame combinations to choose from, the customisable options allowed us to make a very cool looking sunglass. The price tag won’t empty your bank account either and if they do break (they can take a pounding, as you will see below), they come with a lifetime guarantee so SunGod will fix they for you or send you a new pair. That’s a pretty compelling offer from a small sunglass company punching well above their weight.


How many colour combinations do SunGod sunglasses have?

SunGod have made online shopping for sunglasses fun allowing you to choose a sunglass style that is truly unique. Just recently (July 2019), they released even more colours of the frame with 8 different matte frames to choose from: white, frosted clear, tortoise,  black tortoise, matte navy, grey, carbon and black. They are matte for a reason, so they stay in place when it gets hot or you sweat. 

For the lens colour options, you can choose from 8 colours, either polarise or non-polarised: Smoke, brown, silver blue, blue, green, pink, fore or chrome. What is super cool and fun, is that as you choose your colour combinations, the picture of your sunglasses changes in realtime so you can see what they will look like. 

For the SunGod icon on the arm, there are again 8 options with the edition of red. All the metal is ‘brushed’ so it has a cool and stylish texture that goes well with the matte frame.


Sungod Sunglasses Classic customisation


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Will SunGod sunglasses break easily?

All SunGod sunglass frames are made from flexible memory plastic, a polymer (TR90) known as “titanium plastic” which helps prevent the frames from breaking. You can literally sit on them, bend them or twist them and the sunglasses spring back to their normal shape. The hinges on the arms used to be the weakest point and we identified that out on our first ever SunGod sunglass review. But SunGod since improved this, with a Pop-Lock screwless hinge that they have trademarked as a key feature of their sunglasses.

The durability of the frame was the most surprising feature of the sunglasses. They are almost impossible to break, lightweight, solid and instantly flick back to their original shape.


Sungod sunglasses
Fully flexible frames


Sungod sunglasses
You can literally bend the arms back on themselves and they spring right back into shape


Should you choose the polarised lens option?

We opted for the polarised lenses (only another £15), as reduced glare is something we are always appreciative of in the harsh snow and ocean environments. We found the price upgrade incredibly reasonable for the increase in quality that you get from a polarised lens.

The SunGod polarised lenses were crisp, clear and offered a great depth of field. The lenses themselves are made from an infused 2mm polycarbonate core, used for aircraft windscreens and bulletproof glass. They are scratch and shatter-resistant, as durable as they come. They have an anti-reflective inner-lens coating as well to reduce the glare on your eyes… something that will be so valuable when wearing these sunnies in the sun or water. This is a good article to read for more info on why choose polarised lenses.


Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses
Non-polarised (left) vs. polarised (right)


Will the lenses scratch easily?

Scratched sunglasses are the worst. So this was something that we were worried about. All Sungod sunglasses come with what they call a ‘Triple-layer scratch resistance”. While we don’t think any sunglass will be totally scratch resistant, we dropped these a few times face-first in the rocks and they managed to withstand serious damage. Saying that, we still looked after them like any other pair of sunglasses, putting them back in the free microfiber cloth they come with, and recommend you do the same!


Interchangeable lenses – Replace them or mix and match!

If you do scratch the sunglass lenses, remember that all SunGod lenses are interchangeable and SunGod sell the lenses separately so you can order a new set of lenses or swap out different colours to switch up your style.


Are they good value for money?

The price-point for the polarised lenses is definitely something to highlight, £60 for a polarised lens is incredible – a £15 upgrade from the normal lens. Definitely worth every penny, especially if you are going to be in harsh solar environments… or don’t like getting wrinkles around your eyes ;-)


What about the cost of shipping?

What is also worth noting is how good their shipping policy is. All worldwide orders over $200 are free to ship and they ship with DHL at an affordable price. For example, shipping to New Zealand, arguable on the other side of the world from where they are being shipped (Europe), only costs $19.95 NZ dollars, and takes 3 days!


Sungod Classic2 sunglass
I went for the polarised grey lens with the tortoiseshell frame.


They come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Recently we’ve started to pay a lot more attention to the warranties companies offer for their product. If you think about it, the warranty is really the company making a statement about how good they think their product is. SunGod back their product 100% offering a lifetime warranty. The SunGod sunglasses are built to last and they have faith in their longevity. Lifetime warranty is bloody AMAZING! We returned a pair as the lenses started from peel from the outside edges. Within a week SunGod had sent us a new pair, all the way to Australia. They were great to deal with and didn’t need us to spend our own money on shipping the old pair back. They were happy to just see photos of the faulty lenses.


SunGod Classic2 sunglass review


So would we recommend SunGod sunglasses?

Super lightweight, unbelievably flexible and bendy (you really have to see this in real life to grasp how cool it is!). A classic, timeless style and great quality lenses for all environments. SunGod Classic sunglasses are awesome value for money with a price point of only £45 for non-polarised or £65 for polarised. I love how you can customise the glasses to your favourite colours (you can also switch different coloured lenses out or replace them if damaged), and I love the small detail from the matte frame to the etched SunGod logo in the top left corner of the lens. I really think we’ve found a new sunglass favourite that is perfect for people that travel and need a sunglass that is tough, reliable and cool looking!


See ya Oakleys and Ray Ban. There’s a better sunglass on the market at half the price.


SunGod ship to hundreds of countries and can offer next day delivery for UK orders. Free shipping on all orders over £100/$200.

Lifetime guarantee on their sunglasses.

£45 for the non-polarised and £60 for the polarised lenses – incredible value for money!

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Sun God PaceBreakers Sunglasses
The new SunGod Pacebreakers
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