Surfer Girl style

We stalk the most stylish surfer girls and pin their look down to 10 items that complete that surfer girl look. There are also discount codes for Salt Gypsy and Connor Hats!


There’s something about living in a beach town and the effortless chic of surfer girl style that’s hard to put your finger on. It’s more than the bare feet you’ll see at coffee shops. The floaty dresses or sun-kissed blonde surfer hair that spills from wide-brimmed sun hats. That surfer girl style is carefree, un-apologetic but also meticulously styled. The surfer girl look is definitely something you can craft.


Mainstream surf companies like Roxy and Billabong will sell you a vision of empty beaches, toned bums, sandy smiles and seashells. That’s all very well if you live in a surf town, but how can you achieve this meticulous surfer girl look when back home in the city? Surf style steals heavily from the Bohemian fashion look, made famous by Londoner, actress and It girl Sienna Miller. Boho style is all about floaty tunics, lightweight fabrics, indie clothing and sunkissed beach hair. Everything seems to work together while being a touch misplaced and somewhat in contrast.


We looked at the consistent items that are central to that surfer girl look as well as across the lookbooks of the main surf brands that sell you that beach-inspired dream. Surfer girl style is easy to re-create anywhere. All you need is a few staple items, a tan and sun-kissed hair.

Pssst… Pro tip for sun-kissed hair: Have a look at this SunBum lightening spray or how to lighten your hair naturally with ingredients in your kitchen.


Surfer girl Ellie Jean Coffey
Surfer Ellie Jean Coffey in the Billabong “Take Me To The Sea” lookbook



Here are our top 12 essential items of surfer girl style:


The white strappy surfer dress:

Surfer girl style
Stephanie Gilmore knows how to rock the strappy white dress. Photo from Stephanie Gilmore’s Instagram
Sage Erickson looking stunning in white on red roses. Photo from Sage Erickson's Instagram.
Sage Erickson looking stunning in white on red roses. Photo from Sage Erickson’s Instagram.

A staple throw on item. The white strappy dress should be loose-fitting, light-weight and have a touch of detail that makes it unique (not plain and boring). Be it an interesting strap, exposed back, embroidered pattern or a frayed hemline, these little details give the dress an edge over the simple white T-shirt dress or tank top dress.

There is no doubt about it. The go-to brand that all the girls wear is Spell & The Gypsy out of Byron Bay Australia. No one does a floaty white dress like these guys. Thank me later. You’re welcome!

White backless beach dress - Spell & The Gypsy
That classic floaty Spell & The Gypsy style.


Anything crocheted

Quincy Davis surfer girl style
Quincy Davis throwing on her crochet staple. Photo from Quincy Davis’ Instagram
Surfer Girl Style with Sage Erickson
Sage Erickson keeps it cool in crochet. Photo from Sage Erickson’s Instagram

Another great beach item or layer that adds intrigue to an outfit. Crochet tops and dresses can be layered over bikinis, a beautiful lace bra or a nude or coloured tank top. They look great with cut off denim shorts, or mixed with any other items on the top 10 surfer girl list. A beautiful crochet dress is a definite show-stopper in the evening and a great item for hot, balmy nights.


Draw-dropping and stylish swimwear

Surfer girl style Stephanie Gilmore for Roxy
Stephanie Gilmore rocking the new Roxy Pop Surf collection.


It wouldn’t be an article about surfer girl style without mentioning cute swimwear! Recently the one-piece has been making a serious comeback, with 7-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore rocking some beautiful pieces for the Roxy Pop Surf collection. We love pairing a swimsuit with a long floral floaty skirt or cut off jean shorts for a super casual, just heading to the beach bar, look. 

One of our favorite brands for sustainable surfer swimwear is Salt Gypsy. A very cool indie brand from Byron Bay Australia, they are all about bringing style to the lineup. We ♡ Salt Gypsy so much we arranged a discount code for all Still Stoked readers.

Use code stillstoked10 for 10% off all Salt Gypsy surf swimwear.

Surf swimsuit by the stylish Salt Gypsy
Surfer girl chic by Salt Gypsy


The wide-brimmed hat

Surfer girl Laura Enever
Laura Enever is always on point with her style. Photo from Laura Enever’s Instagram
Surfer girl Coco Ho
Coco Ho, happy to be in Australia with her custom hat. Photo Coco Ho’s Instagram


The strong Australian sun calls for a hat and it’s good to see so many young girls taking this sun protection and turning it into a style item. Dark coloured, wide-brimmed hats were the staple accessory worn by all the girls watching the Australian Open of surfing this summer in Sydney (and the athletes!). They are also a key item of many surf brand’s fashion campaigns, seen across both Roxy and Billabong advertising. 

We are huge fans of sustainable and environmentally conscious Connor Hats. So much so that we arranged a discount code for our Still Stoked readers. Use code STOKED15 for 15% off in the US and AU store.

Boho surfer girl wearing Australian hat
We’re also rocking this Mt Warning hat by Connor Hats.


The playsuit or romper

Sage Erickson surfer girl style
Playsuit fun. Photo from Sage Erickson’s Instagram


So easy to throw on and even easier to do activities than in a dress! The playsuit has been a big hit across Australian beach towns and with many of the girl surfers on the tour such as Sage Erickson (USA). Go for fun prints, denim, bold colours and dress up with belts and strappy shoes.

Spell & The Gypsy steal this category as well. Rompers in prints that make you want to buy a van, listen to Hendrix then roll around in petals!

Shop Spell & The Gypsy playsuits

Spell & the gypsy


The Fringed bag

Surfer Girl handbags
Bags by Mahiya. Photo from Pink Mafia Instagram


A structured heavy handbag doesn’t go with this look. Opt for a small travel-inspired shoulder bag or purse that looks like you picked it up at a market in some far-off land. Braided straps, embroidered colourful patterns and a fringe are all classic examples of a laid-back, travel handbag.

I long after Mahiya bags (pictured above). So boho-chic!


Layers of long necklaces

Surfer girl bikini and necklaces by Billabong
Photo from Billabong “Bikini Life” lookbook


Necklines of surfer girl style tend to be low and loose, leaving the chest area free for multiple dangling jewels! Adorn this space with necklaces of various lengths, either made up of natural fibres or crystal pendants on a stylish chain. Choker necklaces from the 90s have recently seen a revival but mostly in the teenage age bracket. Approach wearing a choker with care!


A statement print Kimono

Surfer Girl Malia Manuel
Malia Manuel with a classic throw on print. Photo from Malia Manuel’s Instagram


Another light layer that adds further dimension and allure while keeping the wind off you (or that chill you get after catching too much sun!). Go for anything printed, loose, 3/4 sleeves or longer, and a length that will cover your bottom! For that extra boho look, add a fringe on the sleeve or hemline.


Check out the Spell & The Gypsy kimonos. They aren’t cheap (around $260) and are not meant for the beach but they will be one of your most prize-possesions in your wardrobe. Warning. You will get lost in a giant hole of seduction on the Spell website.

Spell & The Gypsy Kimonos


Ankle boots

Surfer girl Coco Ho
Coco Ho rocking the ankle boot AND the hat! Photo from Coco Ho’s Instagram
Surfer Girl Sage Erickson
Sage also gets double points for the boots and hat. Photo Sage Erickson’s Instagram


Sienna Miller was the queen of the ankle boot and floaty dress. This style has been picked up by many of the surfer girls on the professional tour like good friends Laura Enever (AU) and Sage Erickson (USA). Ankle boots weigh down the lightness of your outfit by directing your eye and accentuating your leg line (who doesn’t want that!).  Wear with loose short dresses, shorts, skirts or stripes.


Denim shorts

Surfer Girl Ellie Jean Coffey
Ellie Jean Coffey in the Billabong “Take Me To The Sea” Lookbook


Make your own denim shorts from an old pair of jeans or buy them frayed, distressed, embroidered or patched; high-waisted or low waisted. The denim jean short is every surfer girl’s go-to item. Team with layered tops, a flannel shirt or a short crocheted top over a bikini.


For denim shorts you can’t look past OneTeaspoon – No one does it better than these guys. The Bandits are the most popular style with surfer girls in Australia. In fact, anything from OneTeaspoon is the ultimate in surfer girl style. Check them out.

OneTeaspoon - effortlessly relaxed, surfer, rock n roll style


Travel bracelets (lots of them)

Surfer Girl style
Photo from Billabong “Neon Safari” lookbook


Nothing says carefree and travelled than the bracelets that you picked up on the beach and now collect on your wrist! Mix natural fibres, beads and bracelets made from seashells, with silver bagels and other metals. Swap your bracelets to match any colours in your outfit, for extra impact.


Read: Surf Hair, Do Care: How to get beach blonde surfer hair.


Ohhh.. and don’t forget a pair of ripped jeans! Casual is the middle name of surfer girl style. Again, you can’t look past OneTeaspoon for the best in ripped, distressed denim.

OneTeaspoon - effortlessly relaxed, surfer, rock n roll style



Check out the surfer girls and brands that inspired this post:


What surf brands to you love? Any items that you think should be on this list? Let me know below.

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