We’ve got a clothes crush on ANIÁN

Anián is a beautiful brand out of Canada. Inspired by times spent in nature, designed to withstand its elements, and made with natural fibers, some recycled. All made in Canada.


Scrolling through the beautiful Anián website, I drifted back to years spent living in Canada at the turn of the century. Canada, so real and so raw. With no shortage of beautiful scenery, wildlife, or well-loved plaid shirts worn by humans that spend a lot of time outdoors. An ancient land with a rugged mystique. It’s a quality and realness has been beautifully captured by ANIÁN. The word Anián was was the name explorers gave to a mythical passage meant to connect the West to the East. Just like the name, the garments they produce conjure up a search for the unknown, and a life spent in nature.

Fast fashion sucks, and to be perfectly honest, we at Still Stoked don’t want a bar to do with it. Our values lie with doing all we can to protect the beautiful environments that we play in. Consequently, that means an introspective look at what we consume and why. Buying new clothes is more of a habit than a necessity. But if you have to adorn yourself if some new gear, we encourage an outlook that seeks quality, longevity, and use of natural fibers that can be recycled, not left in a landfill to never decompose. 


Fill your closet, not landfills.


Girl with coffee at waterfall Canada


Along with the growth of synthetic clothing manufacturing, comes more time at computers, and an increasing disconnection to nature and the outdoors. Anián’s owner, Paul Long, wanted to head in the opposite direction of fast fashion and create clothing that is timeless rather than trendy. Each item of Anián clothing is designed with simplicity in mind; built to withstand the elements but also keep you looking sharp. Anián design with the belief that owning one garment that will see you through multiple occasions makes more sense than owning ten you might wear once.


Approximately 80-90 pounds of textiles are thrown away per person each year. By purchasing well-designed, well-constructed pieces of clothing you’re making a choice that has a globally positive impact.


Girl with bike at cafe - Anian clothing


I became increasingly frustrated by all the synthetic outdoor apparel I wore that often needed to be replaced season after season. I saw the amount of consumption that existed within the clothing industry, and the waste it was creating. It felt backwards to be enjoying the outdoors dressed in clothing that was ultimately harming it. 


Girl stoking fire - warm clothing Anian canada


We feel it’s time to repair the disconnect between consumers and their clothing and for our customers to know where their clothes are coming from.

Girl in wind by lake, Anian Clothing


So check out this beautiful Canadian brand Anián. They are trying to do things the right way. To set an example in the hope that larger companies will be held accountable for their choices and thus leading to positive changes within their own manufacturing. Yes, the clothing will cost more than going to Primark or picking up some value, bundle deal from the high street retailer, but we promise you that you will love and care for quality over quantity. And natural fibers look and feel great!


Girl with bike


Head over to Anián’s website to see their beautiful woolen and linen shirts and all the other goodies. We can’t wait to review the women’s Modern Melton shirt, made from recycled Melton wool that was traditionally used in the making of pea coats worn by sailors!


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