Sustainable Fashion Review – The ANIÁN Modern Melton shirt

A warm, stylish and thickly woven shirt made from recycled wool. We are STOKED to have The Modern Melton shirt as part of our wardrobe. Quality to quantity is our jam and this shirt is every bit as adventure and practical as us. #DressResponsibly


When ANIÁN contacted us to tell us about their brand out of Canada and tell us about the Modern Melton shirt, we instantly were taken by their values and aesthetic. We did a whole clothes crush piece on them, their vibe was so rad. And then The Modern Melton shirt arrived in the post… OMG!


Girl in woolen shirt - sustainable fashion


So at first, I must say I was a bit skeptical. You see, being big-boobed, I don’t often wear shirts. The buttons always end up popping off and if I get the shirt in a large size, they just drown me. So I was a bit MEH about testing out a shirt, worried that After the review, it would just sit in my wardrobe, unworn. So here’s the thing… I have worn it pretty much every other day since it arrived! It was love at first sight.


Let’s talk about sustainable fashion…

Bit of a buzz word right? Like what the f**K does that even mean. Well for us at Still Stoked first off, we as consumers need to have a sustainable approach to consumerism. Only buying things that we a) need, and b) know will go the distance. Fast fashion isn’t sustainable and neither is having a wardrobe full of clothes. 

For me personally, my sustainable approach has been to minimise what I don’t need and only buy from brands that share the same values as me. Whether that is sustainable swimwear brands that we review on Still Stoked, to work closer with brands like Patagonia and Pure Snow as an athlete, or only using and promoting reef-safe and natural sunscreens. ANIÁN, with their tag line of ‘Naturally Technical’, clothing lines inspired by time spent in nature, and their commitment to using natural fibers and aspirations to inspire larger companies to review their manufacturing practices, is one brand that is perfectly aligned with both my personal values and those of Still Stoked. FYI – those plastic fibers in your clothes, well they are killing our oceans.


ANIAN believes that harnessing textile waste has the potential to be our greatest achievement in creating a circular economy that will in turn, have a positive impact on our environment.


Girl in wetsuit and warm shirt
Super warm and comforting to put on after a cold winter surf, on the south coast of NSW Australia


So what is The Modern Melton Shirt?

Made from 80% recycled wool and 20% nylon, this type of tight woolen weave was traditionally used in the making of pea coats worn by sailors. Melton wool has a weave so tight that it makes it resistant to both wind and water. 

It is a snug, warm, and a breathable shirt that feels like a hug from nature. Nothing is worse than having a warm shirt and going for a hike and getting soaking wet from sweat because there is zero breathability in the textiles. I guess that is another great benefit of natural fibers over synthetic.


ANIAN Modern Melton Shirt - sustainable fashion


What we loved about the shirt

The surface of the shirt feels so soft, like felt. It’s super luxurious but also incredibly durable and thus practical. Although it is a little itchy if you don’t wear something under it – but that’s wool for you!

I loved the long length of the shirt, keeping my kidneys and bum warm. The fit is also really comfortable. At first, I thought I got the shirt a size too big with the Medium (I am only 164cm tall), but it really is a perfect size. I have found that I have worn it out as an outer layer in the city, or as a throw-over on surf and camping trips. The buttons have this cute white crescent moon flash that breaks up the dark grey block tone of the shirt.


ANIAN Modern Melton Shirt


The length of these sleeves and cut of the shoulders and tailoring is also really flattering. It looks as good worn buttoned up as it does open. I love that their tagline is ‘Naturally Technical’ because that’s exactly what it feels like when you put it on. 

I have received so many compliments in The Modern Melton Shirt. I think because it looks just so luxurious and warm and it fits so well. The boys in my house have all tried it on and being that one of them is a sustainability consultant with only 5 items of clothing to his name, when he said that he was going to order one, I knew I was right in thinking this shirt a special item that you would keep for life.

Modern Melton Shirt by ANIAN


The Modern Melton shirt comes in three colours for the women: Dark grey, light grey and Navy. For men, it comes in a gorgeous Sky Blue and Moss colour. I wonder if the size small will fit the same as the women’s Medium? But then again… I don’t need two of these shirts as I have just the one and I will have it for life. 


Priced at $189 Canadian Dollars with free Canadian shipping over $100. Shipping from Canada to Australia is $20. Any returns or refunds need to be completed within 30 days. You can get 15% off your first order by signing up to their mailing list.


Thank you so much ANIÁN. We are stoked to have discovered you. We pledge to #DressResponsibly

The Modern Melton Shirt was gifted to Still Stoked by ANIÁN.


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