We’ve just finished the winter snow season here in Australia. The first big sign of this season change was after a solid day splitboarding in the backcountry. I pulled my wet snowboard boots and relieved my poor feet. But that wasn’t the best bit. The best bit BY FAR was putting them into a pair of TEVA sandals.


Spot someone in a pair of Teva sandals and you instantly know they are the outdoors type. That they like comfort over style – not that comfort and style are mutually exclusive! Spot someone in Teva sandals and you can be confident they’re up for a bit of a challenge.


Teva Verra sandal review



Reviewing the Teva Verra Sandal

Teva asked me to review a pair of shoes and I chose the Verra’s. As stylish and feminine as a flip-flop-style sandal can get, but also offering the arch support. A few years ago I tore the spring ligament in my foot – It’s the one that holds the arch of your foot up. My physio warned me to stay away from flip-flops (thongs), as the lack of any arch support will be detrimental to my feet. You put these Teva sandals on and you instantly feel the difference. They feel good for you!


Teva Verra sandal review



Adventure ready—but also sleek and feminine, there’s nothing this comfy sandal won’t do.


When I put them on that first day out of my wet snowboard boots and walked around, it was literally like someone was massaging my feet. Now, this was most likely amplified by the fact that my feet were suffering all day in the snowboard boots but needless-to-say, I was so overjoyed with the comfort they boys in my group asked to try them on – not even joking!


Teva Verra sandal review

What I like most about this shoe is the cushion in the sole called Shoc Pad and the support that the sole gives you. They are ridiculously comfortable and it’s great to know you can climb, run or do anything like that in them. They also don’t look bad. When you think of sandals, I always think of thick strapped ‘Jesus sandal‘ type things. In contrast to that vision,  these are slender, strappy and stylish!

I’ve even got away with wearing them to work.. in an office :-)


Teva Verra sandal review


So if like me you live in flip-flops in the summer or want a super comfortable shoe to transition to as soon as you kick off your ski or snowboard boots, then you should upgrade your Haviannas to a pair of these. The Teva Verra sandal has 245 reviews on the Teva website averaging 4.5 stars, so I’m not the only one that recommends these as part of your adventure arsenal of clothing!


They also come in 5 colours and only cost $70 – Winning!

Get a pair of Teva Verra sandals for $70 USD or $129 AUD on Teva’s website.
And if you want an extra 10% off, sign up through their website to get the discount :-)
Disclaimer: Teva gave me these awesome sandals free-of-charge but as always all opinions are my own. And I think these shoes are rad!

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