Why Wear A Sports Bra

One can not overlook the sports bra! It will be the most important gym kit you will ever buy. Protect ya ladies.


From a very young age, my mother taught me three female life-lessons: wash my face every night before going to bed, use moisturiser daily, and wear a sports bra. I remember trying on sports bra aged 13 when my boobs sprouted – I was going to be like Sporty Spice! To this day, I won’t go to the gym, snowboard, or do yoga without one.


I used to joke that if I didn’t wear a sports bra, my boobs would swing around and hit me in the face. Now that’s not exactly a lie. If you ever see me run for the bus in a normal bra (who am I kidding, I don’t run for the bus!), you’d laugh as I clutch my boobs in both hands. The bounce is equally as painful as Manly Beach on an NE swell.


Sporty Spice in sports bra
Sporty Spice aka The High Priestess of the sports bra


What’s worse than the comic sight of a grown woman clasping her breast like limpets, is the damage inflicted on the ligaments (called Coopers’ ligaments), when they get jarred and bounced. The tissues and the ligaments in your breasts are super fragile, and repetitive or high impact sports can cause them to stretch. Running without any bra at all causes the average woman’s breasts to move up and down by 8.5cm. Wearing an ordinary bra reduces this by 32 percent. A sports bra reduces this by at least another 20 percent. Even girls with a sized A cup need to wear a sports bra or run the race of stretching those puppies so they too may one day hit you in the face.


Being a snowboarder and hitting jumps and bumps all the time, the impacts are repeatedly heavy. So heavy that even with a sports bra, I feel pain in my boobs when I land. No wonder two women joggers in 1977 invented the sports bra by sewing two jockstraps together! Legends.


Knix Catalyst sports bra
The Catalyst sports bar from Knix is your best high-impact option for athletes.


So that lesson my mum taught me rang true throughout my snowboard career. Wearing a solid sports bra has been a staple and one I would recommend not overlooking. For breasts up to a B cup, you can get away with a compression type bra which squashes your boobs to your chest and looks like a crop-top a la Sporty Spice. For women with a larger breast, you want a sports bra that looks more like a regular bra, but designed for high impact. The ladies over at Knix’s Catalyst have got it figured out with a mix of both compression and encapsulation. 3 years of testing and 42 prototypes later, these gals have figured it out. The Catalyst style is their high-impact, athlete option.


There was a time before I tested and recommended all these amazing surf bikinis, that I would wear my sports bra in the surf! So glad those days are over. For me, sports bras have always been these rather tight and painful contraptions. Apparently, almost 90% of women struggle to get out of their sports bra! So it is super encouraging to see so many great options on the market that look so good you could get away with wearing them out with a skirt and a hipster hat! 


So ladies, do your Coopers (of Coops for short), a favour, and make sure a sports bra is always part of your packing list. Find yourself a comfortable, breathable and stylish sports bra and rock that baby on every hike, run, and gym session you go to. You will not only feel fantastic and supported but also look like the finely-tuned fitness lord that you are… with beautiful, sculpted and supportive breasts. 


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