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In an effort to fight the boredom, stay strong, sane, and connected in these challenging times, we have searched the web for boredom-busters that you can do at home. From yoga, to workouts, baking to gardening, take your pick from the below activities & we’ll see you each day on the Facebook Group to cheer you along and share more ideas. 


How to do the Still Stoked Boredom-Buster? 

All you have to do is choose one activity from any of the below categories. Try to do at least once a day, and if you’re super into it, choose another from more than one category. But don’t feel like at this time, you have to do anything. Napping is after all an activity!

Still Stoked Challenge Categories


Tell us how you’re doing & support one-another

Tell us what you have been up to on the Still Stoked Tribe Facebook group – let’s encourage each other and share ideas. Just post which activity you did e.g. Saturday: Creativity & Inspiration #1 & Mindfulness #3 – YIEW!

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Creativity & Inspiration – Pick one & have fun!

Below you will find a mix of activities that will get the creative juices flowing. The thing about doing a task like creating, is you are 100% focused on it. It is a form of meditation. Good for the soul.

These are obviously just a few ideas that we have come across – Please help us add to this list by sharing any ideas below in the comments. What are your favourite creativity & inspiration hobbies?


#1 Make a Macrame plant hanger or shelf

Macrame is not hard at all. We have been doing a little bit often and have made the coolest looking shelf out of restored fence panels. So many great videos on YouTube, give it a try. You can buy the Macrame string on Amazon, or if you can support your own local craft store. This is a great video instructing the three basic knots of macrame.



#2 Take cuttings from plants 

Fill jars with cuttings on window seals and when they have started to show roots, plant them in pots or the garden. Some cuttings can be left in water in jars, decorating the house (in your new macrame hanger?). 



#3 Colour in

Such a simple pleasure so often pushed aside when life gets busy. The beautiful with colouring in, is the single-focused task at hand. Mindfulness at its best. We love the Mindfullness Colouring In Book.



#4 Journal or write poetry

Let your mind wander all over the paper in written word. Write a poem or a Haiku (what’s a Haiku?). If you struggle to think of something to journal about, start with the questions ‘what made me happy today”, or ‘What am I grateful for”. Asking yourself these questions has the ability to open your heart and make your soul sing.



#5 Listen to an inspiring podcast

Get fired-up on a topic that inspires you by listening to a new podcast. Recently we have been listening to The C.R.E.A.T.E Podcast, Tim Ferris’ podcast, and Stuff You Should Know.

Please, please, please tell us more inspiring podcasts in the comments below!!!!



#6 Make a card for a friend & post it

Remember getting hand-made cards in the post when you were younger? Let’s bring that good feeling back. Make a card for a friend that is on your mind but you can’t see. Maybe they live in a different country. Tell them you are thinking of them and get as creative as you want: add glitter, cut old magazines up and make a collage, get your drawing pencils out. Make the below origami card? The sky is the limit :-)



#7 Make a Dreamcatcher


Or make one with tree branches…



#8 Play an Instrument

Much like colouring-in, playing an instrument is a single-minded focus activity. 



#9 Restore old clothing, or revamp items

Sew the buttons back on old shirts and cardigans that have been missing them (annoyingly) for years. Patch up old holes, cut the necks out of old T-shirts. Dig out clothes you haven’t worn for years and try to re-style or match them with new items. Clearing out old closets and making things new again is not only good for the environment but will give you the feeling like you have just been shopping!



#10 Sink into a good book (& cup of tea!)

Nothing beats a good book. Indulge in lost time and the art of storytelling. If you are stuck for ideas we have a book review section with a few adventure favourites. Tell us yours in the comments below – aren’t we all searching for the next great story?



#11 Make a vision board

Vision what? A vision board. This is a collage of what you want to achieve in your life and can be set to any time frame. You place images that will inspire you to stay on track with these goals and then you put this collage somewhere that you will see if often (mine is in my room). You can cut images out of old magazines but we much preferred sourcing amazing images on Pinterest and used Canvas to make a mood board, and then printed it.



#12 Challenge yourself with photography

Give yourself a challenge with your camera. Whether it’s to take a beautiful portrait photo of someone in your house or your dog, to take a macro photo of a beautiful texture, or to capture the sunrise on your morning walk. Grab your camera and get creative. The below video is sick!


#13 Take a nap

Napping is an activity and good for the soul. Nap all you need.



Thanks Tribe – keep the creativity & inspiration ideas coming in the comments below and we will keep adding to this list. Stay strong xxx

We’ll see you on the Still Stoked Tribe page & don’t forget to subscribe to the Tribe to get your free Still Stoked Magazine and all the goodies sent to your inbox every fortnight.
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