Full Moon Rituals – Ideas, activities and what to do during a full moon

Every 28-30 days the moon travels closest to the earth and showers us with light and her strong ‘yang’ energy. It is a great time to pause and check-in with yourself, purge anything that doesn’t serve you, let go, and make space for the new. Here are some full moon rituals to harness this beautiful new energy into your life.

Full Moon Keywords: Results, forgiveness, gratitude.


The moon is the earth’s oldest temple. Holding the potency of countless prayers since the dawn of time… a bell whose ringing brings you into the field of the Mother, where body and soul can quietly drink.

– Dana Gerhardt, Mooncycles


For those of you reading this during the COVID19 lockdown, this month’s full-moon could not come at a better time with many people becoming increasingly introspective and keen to manifest change in their lives. So tonight, I will be bathing under the full moon in the ocean on my surfboard (we can still surf here thankfully). I’ll be rolling out my yoga mat for a juicy hip-opening yin class, after smudging my home with delicious Palo Santo, and burning letters to people and energies that no longer serve me in a full moon ritual with my housemates – Will you join us?



Full Moon Rituals – What to do during a Full Moon?


Take a moonbeam bath or an actual bath

If you can get outside and bathe in the moonlight in either the ocean or fresh water, this is a wonderful way to connect yourself with nature and the energy of the full moon. If bathing outside doesn’t sound like your jam, run yourself a nice hot bath with a good amount of pink Himalayan Salts, Epsom Salts or Magnesium Bath Salts for your muscles, light some candles, surround yourself with healing crystals, burn some Palo Santo, or essential oils and drop a few of your favouite essential oils into the hot running water. I love sandlewood essential oil or relaxing lavender oils in the bath.

woman bathing in moonlight
Can you get outside to bathe in the moonlight?



Cleanse your space

The full moon is the high point of the lunar cycle when the moon is closest to the earth and its cleansing energy can be felt full beam! Take an hour out of your day to put clean, fresh bedsheets on our bed, declutter your space, water you house plants (see this list of house plants that purify the air in your home), wipe surfaces clean, open the windows and let fresh air in, spritz the room with cleansing essential oils, and then burn some incense or sage in a smudging ceremony … see below!




Do a Full Moon smudging ceremony

This is one of my favourite full moon rituals. Smudging is an ancient cleansing ceremony and spiritual ritual practiced by indigenous Native Americans. It involves burning sacred herbs and walking the smoke to all corners of your home to purify the air. Sage bundles are most commonly used for its purifying qualities as is Palo Santo  – a beautifully smelling and grounding wild tree that is native to Peru and Venezuela. To start, light a candle and set an intention. Light your sage or Palo Santo (or incense if that’s all you have), and blow it out so just the smoke billows. With both hands, move the smoke towards your heart, over your head and down the front and back of your body to cleanse yourself. Then walk the smoke around your house to all corners, including cupboards, wardrobes and bottom and top corners of rooms. Never extinguish the lit embers with water.


Smudging ceremony with Palo Santo
Charge your crystals in a smudging ceremony using Palo Santo.
Photo courtesy of Palo Santo Supply Co.


Charge your crystals

The light of the full moon is the best time to re-charge your crystals. Wash your crystals first under running water and then place them outside in the moonlight to purify them and strengthen their individual energy. The light of the full moon is strong for around three days so leave them out for longer if you feel called to do so.



Count your blessings

Full Moon is the time when emotions come to the surface. Let go of any unresolved feelings by thinking about who and what you are grateful for. Fill yourself up with gratitude by making a list of everything that comes to mind. Then re-read this list. Having a tough time finding something to be grateful for? Just focus on one thing that you may take for granted and explore that from all angles. You’ll be surprised how much happiness writing down what you are grateful for will bring you.


Surfer girl surfing at sunrise on Manly Beach, Australia
Watching the sunrise each day from the ocean – Always something tobe grateful for.



Write a release letter & then burn it

Now is the best time to release and let go. No ritual is stronger than writing down your deepest inner thoughts and then releasing that energy by watching it go up in flames. If you are stuck with what to release or write, you could write include a letter to yourself about the things you are worried about or want to rid yourself of (habits, negative thoughts etc), or write a letter to someone whose energy or friendship no longer serves you and you want to let them go. I used to do this a lot to ex-boyfriends, wishing them well but releasing them from my life.



Do an emotion releasing Yin Yoga class

The full moon and yoga are a beautiful partnership. As the full moon brings emotions to the surface, what better way than to release them from your body than with a deep hip and heart-opening yin class (the hips is where we store a lot of our emotions). I invite you to join myself and good friend Allie from the Journey Junkie in this 20 minute Yin yoga class.



Or raise your energy with a forgiveness Full Moon Ritual yoga class

If Yin isn’t your thing or you don’t feel like getting too emotional right now, I invite you to reflect and releasing karma and energy with a yoga class designed to celebrate the moon and bring the healing powers of yoga to your body through movement and breath.



Read your cards

The full moon has long been associated with magic, divination, and fortune-telling. So do as thousands of civilisations have done before us and channel the intuitive energy of the moon by doing a Tarot Card reading or get your Angel Cards out. Give the gift of reading cards to a good friend and use what comes up as food for thought over the coming month.


person holding tarot card




Take advantage of the energy that the full moon offers and take time in meditation for introspection. Full Moon is a time when emotions come to the surface, so take note of what thoughts keep appearing and use your breath to promote feelings of calm and stillness. If you struggle to meditate on your own some great tools include the HeadSpace mobile app.

We are going to do this guided meditation for the month of April 2020.



Tie up loose ends

As the full moon is about completion (of the moon’s waxing phase), it’s a great time to bring things to a close. Finish off odd jobs, tick of the last annoying things on your to-do list, or complete projects and make space for the new. Look back on what you have achieved and give yourself thanks.



Make a wish / manifestation

The full moon with its intense energy is a great time to manifest or make a wish. Roll out your yoga mat outside and light a candle and some incense. Close your eyes and center yourself with your breath. Imagine your wish, goal or manifestation coming true. How do you feel? How does your body feel thinking of this wish. Take a pencil and write on some paper “I manifest…” and then write your wish, goal or whatever it is that you want to manifest. Sit with the words on the paper in meditation for as short or as long as you wish. Place the paper in the moonlight overnight, on the windowsill or outside by your cleansing crystals. The next night while the full moonlight is still bright, burn your paper and release your wish to the universe.


I hope this list of full moon rituals gets you inspired to take some time in your day for yourself and for reflection during this full moon. I’ll leave you with this poem that I love. Take care and remember to be kind to yourself as well as others.


The moving moon went up in the sky;
And no where did abide:
Softly she was going up,
And a star or two beside.

– Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Enjoy your beautiful Full Moon evening – Alexa x

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