New Moon Rituals – How to use the new moon to manifest new beginnings

The New Moon is the time to plant the seeds of your future dreams. It is when the sun (Yang or male energy) is perfectly aligned with the moon (Yin or female energy). On the day of the true New Moon, also known as The Dark Moon, the moon will appear in complete darkness, ready to start afresh. Being the very start of a Lunar cycle, the New Moon is said to bring the energy for new beginnings and fresh starts. This is what makes it a perfect time for practicing manifestation.

Harvesting the energy of a New Moon is a worthwhile exercise, especially when the New Moon is in your zodiac sign. It is a great time for navigating your future direction with intentions, manifestations, or written goals. It isn’t a time to look back (Full Moon rituals are more suited for reflection). Use the New Moon to come from a place of abundance and not from a place of scarcity. Just like a gardener uses this time to prepare the soil and plant new seeds, we can use this time to do the same. Here are some New Moon rituals you may want to try.

NEW MOON KEYWORDS: A clean slate, potential, dreams.

NEW MOON MANTRA: I am blessed

The moon is the earth’s oldest temple, holding the potency of countless prayers since the dawn of time. A bell whose ringing brings you into the field of the mother, where body and soul can quietly drink.

– Dana Gerhardt, Moon Cycles

The Phases of the Lunar Cycle

Phases of the moon

New Moon Rituals – Preparation

Take a sacred bath

The moon is intrinsically linked with water, controlling the tides of all our oceans. Try bathing in water and soaking in a few drops of your favorite essential oil (see using essential oils below) or sprinkles of herb. Play some relaxing music (see our playlist recommendations below), and take deep breaths to soothe your mind and muscles. This is a wonderful way to prepare your mind, body and soul for setting your New Moon intentions.

Burn Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse your space aka Smudging

Next, it is important to cleanse your space. Burning white sage or Salvia apiana is a spiritual ritual used for thousands of years by Native Americans and other indigenous peoples to cleanse a space in preparation for pray, purification, and/or wisdom. Traditionally, the Indigenous communities of the Andes burned a tree called Palo Santo for the same reasons and to ward off evil spirits (learn more about Palo Santo here). To do this in your own home, take a bundle of white sage or a stick of Palo Santo and light it carefully. Blow out the flame and walk around your home circulating the smoke that comes from the burning embers. Be careful not to drop any burning embers.

Self care bath ritual

Add some essential oils & herbs

Several essential oils are said to be good for bringing new beginnings and setting intentions. Three good essential oils for your full moon rituals are burnt orange (the oil of abundance), lavender (the oil of “communication), and Clary sage (the oil of clarity). Pop a few drops into your bath, diffuse them in your home. Mix them a carrier oil and wear it on your skin (be careful to get the ratio right or you may burn your skin). I have a bracelet that I drop a few oils into and wear as perfume.

working with essential oils

Play soothing New Moon Ritual music

There are some amazing playlists for New Moon Rituals on Spotify. Below is one of our favourites but have a dig as there are so many.

Brew a cleansing and detoxifying herbal tea

The New Moon is also a great time to start a cleanse if you feel called to do so. Herbal teas and herbs of all kinds have been used for thousands of years as part of rituals. During the New Moon, after taking a cleaning bath while smudging the home, we like to sip on a detoxifying tea to encourage that clean slate. Look for teas that contain dandelion root, nettle, ginger, burdock root, milk thistle, and calendula flowers.

New Moon Rituals – Intention setting

Journal & ask the universe for what you want

The new moon is about positive change, it is associated with optimism and taking action. The act of writing something down, pen to paper helps strengthen our memory and ties us to that goal. This is what makes journaling as part of your New Moon Ritual so powerful.

Asking the universe for what you want is a very powerful practice. Combine the ritual of asking for what you want in your journal with the clean slate energy of the new moon and you have the perfect platform for manifesting what your heart most desires. Write a max of 10 things that you want. Remember to write these in the present tense, such as “I AM” rather than “I NEED” or “I WANT”. Spend time feeling each desire as you write it down. If it feels forced or not quite right, omit it from your list. Sit with your list, speak it out loud, meditate on it and check in on it regularly, especially as part of your Full Moon Ritual. Try to set your intentions within 48 hours on either side of the New Moon as this is when the energy is at its strongest.

We absolutely LOVE the Magic of i journals and find they really inspire us to journal on a regular basis. During a New Moon Ritual, we like to journal on the below questions. Maybe they will be a good starting point for you also.

  • I am setting the intention to….
  • I am manifesting …… into my life
  • When I have accomplished my goals, I will feel …….
Magic of i Journal
My favourite & treasured journal, from Magic of i

Using crystals to visualise and manifest

In our Full Moon Rituals article, we recommended a list of crystals to use in the full moon (the full moon is also when you should be cleansing and charging your crystals in the light of the moon. For New Moon, with the intention of bringing things INTO our life, we want to use crystals that are good for manifesting. We also recommend using crystals that are specific to what you are trying to manifest e.g. using Rose Quartz for love, or green jade or citrine for money. Run them under cold water and then smudge them with incense, Palo Santo or Sage to cleanse them. Then sit with them and meditate. Visualize what you are hoping to attract into your life this New Moon. There are a number of amazing guided meditations on YouTube, so have a search around what you want to manifest and find one that speaks to you. Sit with your crystal while you do this meditation.

The best crystals for manifesting include:

  • Celestite – Helps you connect to the devine.
  • Citrine – To manifest abundance, prosperity and joy.
  • Ametyst – Promotes balance and expands consciousness. A very spiritual and calming crystal. Great for meditation.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Encourages self-awareness and taking charge of your own life.
New moon rituals with crystals
Meditate with, wear, or decorate your sacred space with crystals that hold the energy of what you wish to manifest.

What are you planning to make of your experience as a human being? make time for yourself and put your wishes into writing / drawing.

Write a list to kick start your manifestation

Now you have visualized and manifested what you are bringing into your life during this new moon, now is the time to make a plan to put it into action. Write a list of all the necessary steps you need to take to help your manifestation come to life. For example, if you wish to attract a new job your list might start with updating your LinkedIn profile and then your resume. Then reaching out to contacts in the place you wish to work, or email your dream employers. Writing this list and making a plan helps you to take that first step in attracting your dreams into your life.

Create a manifestation vision board

Grab some old magazines or get searching on Pinterest to find images that represent what you are trying to bring into your life. This is one of our favourite new mon rituals. You’ve created your sacred space, have some incense burning and are playing your soothing sounds. It is also a great one to invite friends over to do with you. When you have finished your vision board, stick it up somewhere where you will see it every day as a constant reminder of everything you are attracting into your life during this Lunar cycle.

Lovers under the new moon
If you are attracting a new relationship in this Luna cycle, use an image that represents what a happy fulfilling relationship would mean to you.

Do a New Moon Yoga class

Finish off your New Moon Ritual with a beautiful yoga session full of heart and hip-opening poses. This one from Yoga with Kassandra is great. Again, just like with the guided meditations, have a search on YouTube to find one that calls to you.

Remember, the New Moon is a time to initiate new beginnings and plant the seed, and manifest what new energy you want to bring into your life. It is a powerful time of the Luna Cycle, calling you to slow down and take a beautiful evening for yourself to work your magick.

FUN FACTS: The moon at a distance is roughly equal to its own width every hour.

For more introspective articles, yoga and rituals, check out the Yoga & Self section of Still Stoked.

Enjoy x

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