Yoga for Surfers

We sat down with dear friend Troy Abraham to film a series of yoga for surfers videos for our YouTube Channel. Do yourself a favour, if you’re serious about your surfing and want to learn a thing or two, make a date to devour these videos… especially the juicy YIN for surfers class.



Yin Yoga for “Surfed Out” Surfers – Deep release for shoulders, spine, & hips

This is a Yin Yoga for surfers that are “surfed out” after back-to-back sessions. If you are looking for a deep release into the shoulders, upper and lower back & hips, this is a great yoga class for surfing. In this episode of Yoga For Surfers, Troy Abraham takes me through 40 minutes of blissful restorative Yin Yoga for surfers. Yin is not about stretching, it is about the passive release of the fascia which is your body’s connective tissue. Enjoy melting into each pose.



Morning Mobility For Surfers 

An easy and effective morning mobility for surfers routine to do while you wait for your coffee to brew. Get all the joints moving after a good night’s sleep and ready for your morning surf.



Surf Warm Up Routine – Best on-beach stretch before paddling out 

What is the best surf warm-up routine to do before paddling out? Many of us just grab our surfboards and run to the water without warming up our bodies, stretching, or doing any dynamic movement. This can often lead to injuries or muscle tweaks that could have been prevented by stretching.

In this episode, Troy Abraham takes me through a quick surf warm-up routine that you can do on the beach while you watch the waves and figure out what peak will be best to surf.

Combine this with our morning mobility routine that we recommend you do while you wait for your coffee to brew, and you have yourself in good shape, warmed and lubricated to get out there and have a solid surf session.



An In-Depth Chat : How yoga can help your surfing

In this episode of Still Stoked Chats, we discuss yoga for surfers & the benefits yoga brings for surfing, including strength and mobility… not to mention the mental benefits.

Troy Abraham is one of the best Yoga teachers in Sydney. He’s also an avid surfer so knows a thing or two about yoga for surfers combining the two for maximum results. We sat down to discuss how yoga benefits a surfer’s body and what are the best yoga poses for surfers looking to strengthening the muscles needed to surf well as well as increase mobility.


Hope you enjoyed these videos!
For more surf training videos make sure you check out the best articles on Still Stoked all focused on getting you fitter and strong in the surf, both in your mind and body. Ohhhh, and check out the yoga section while you’re at it… so many great articles from meditation through to more yoga classes and advice.
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